Borsini Nostalgic accordion 'Lars Ek' with a synthesizerBorsini Nostalgic accordion 'Lars Ek' with a synthesizer

– 4-körig – Tremolo-straight mood – 1 treble register – 1 base register – 5 heavy bass – Extremely fine handmade tuners – Weight: 9.5 kilos – Bellow dimensions: 45×18.5 cm – The games are numbered – Bag, straps, certificates are included with every accordion. – All the decor throughout the game is handmade. Lars Ek Nostalgic games are mostly hand built.Lars Ek Nostalgics staircase keyboard prevents the depressed button from reaching the level of the external button row. A very important detail. The cut carvings on the back of the lid open the game and give Lars Ek Nostalgic its big powerful tone. The secret behind Ranar Sundqvists fantastic bellows technology is the straight edges and the deep bellows. The Synthesizer is an Ketron XD9/XD3. A manual is attached.