2010 Paul Reed Smith STEVE FISCHER Angelus Cutaway acoustic2010 Paul Reed Smith STEVE FISCHER Angelus Cutaway acoustic

Cosmetically it is as perfect as a nine year old guitar could be. I bought it new and it has never left my home. You can tell it’s been played if you inspect it closely, but honestly a causal glance would probably lead you to believe it’s still pretty new. Certainly a nine and a half out of ten, and probably a ten out of ten considering its nine years old. Absolutely no dings or knocks in the wood at all. It could probably use new strings. Sadly it’s spent more time in its case over the last few years. Speaking of the case, it is very nice, and since it’s never been taken anywhere it is like new. Just for absolute clarification, this is the US production model. Not a Private Stock model. I guess PRS only makes SE production models of these now. If you have any specific questions please feel free.