1967 Vox Folk Twelve Vintage 12-String Acoustic Guitar (Eko Ranger)1967 Vox Folk Twelve Vintage 12-String Acoustic Guitar (Eko Ranger)

Vintage Vox Folk 12 in outstanding playing condition.Has replaced tuners (working well w/ no modification – two of the screw holes did not line up and those were not drilled – see pics), some dings and finish cracks that were touched up, though these areas are not cosmetically great-looking in certain lighting (I’ve attempted to show this in pics, but it is difficult to photograph). One small area on the band around the soundhole is a little loose and could be glued, but this does not affect the functionality or integrity of the guitar, so it has been left alone.This guitar plays and sounds fantastic, with straight neck, low action all the way up and down the neck, and good saddle height. This sounds and plays much better than other Vox and acoustics I’ve played. This has a clear, punchy sound, a more ‘60s psychedelic sounds than any other acoustic I’ve played! Comes with what appears to be original chipboard case in equally clean condition – actually a pretty decent US-made case.