1949 R.G. Lawrie Bagpipes c/w Grainger Chanter1949 R.G. Lawrie Bagpipes c/w Grainger Chanter

Fair condition 1949 R.G. Lawrie bagpipes. Bought in Edinburgh and brought to Canada in 1949 – one owner. All in all, they are in decent condition, the colour of the ferrels is pretty uniform between them all. It seems as though two pieces have been replaced at some point with catalin and have since yellowed, the two pieces are on one tenor and one cap on the drone. Bores are all good, the stalks have a couple minor cracks, nothing major and to be expected for pipes of this age. Original chanter with original sole. The blow pipe has a crack in it, but again is pretty minor. Generally speaking the lacquer/enamel is in good condition. New Ballantyne bag, no reeds.