Great Highland Bagpipes McCallum ABP3 With Extras!Great Highland Bagpipes McCallum ABP3 With Extras!

Up for auction is one great highland bagpipe in used but excellent condition and lots of extras. The bagpipe is a McCallum model ABP3 polypenco construction with artificial ivory projecting mounts and a non-zip Canmore gore-tex bag, which requires NO smelly messy bag seasoning. Polypenco, otherwise known as delrin, is a super strong tone wood substitute. I used these pipes when I played in a rock band in Pittsburgh, PA and needed something a bit more durable than wood. The pipes come in a pretty beat-up case with a combo lock. It’s not pretty, but still sturdy and serves its purpose. Along with the pipes and case you get an extra chanter. I used to half tape holes on the extra chanter so I could play flats and expand the repertoire with the band. Very convenient and handy! You also get a set of Crozier Omega drone reeds (installed) and an extra set of MG synthetic drone reeds. Also included are four McCann chanter reeds. McCallum pipes are perfect for beginners or professionals. They’re ideal for pipe bands, especially if you’re traveling a lot, and of course they’re the go to for rock bands! Don’t let this awesome offer get away! The extras alone are of over a $300 value!No returns.