Epiphone EB-44 Long Neck Banjo 1963Epiphone EB-44 Long Neck Banjo 1963

My personal purchased eb-44 Epiphone 5 string. Long Neck Banjo. Purchased in 1967 from Lyon-Healey music store in Chicago. Used it through my college days laying in a group known as the “Christian Brothers”. Later on in life continued to enjoy my self taught skill on the Scruggs style picking , and developed my own alterations. It’s time to retire this beauty. Never has been altered or modified in any way other than my tiny screw capo for the 5th string tuning. Thanks original parchment skin is in need of a first replacement as it is wearing thin . The body and neck, pegs and sound ring all original are in excellent condition. The case is the original Gibson case that came with it. Has much wear but still functional and original. The carry handle is not there missing long ago. The stickers on the case are now a permanent part. All have history attached. Starting price exceptionally reasonably for this item. This is the Epi version of the Gibson RB 175 differing only in the headstock shape and decal. Tuners and tailpieces aside, this came in two basic flavors: the flat head has a 1/4” round rod at the outside edge of the top. The arch top has that same rod but it is on top of the inside edge. Elton tuners were standard unless Grover Rotomatics were ordered. Elton, Waverley and (occasionally) Grover adjustable tailpieces were used. Elton & Grover friction pegs or Kroll geared 5th pegs were all standard. Epiphone banjos are often not quite to the catalog standard as Gibson used them to “absorb” excess parts off the shelves. Although Gibson went to chrome plate in 1967, it’s not unusual to see later Epis in nickel or mixed chrome and nickel plating from the factory. See pictures, ask questions, make an offer. Thanks. Gus