1964 Epiphone Embassy Deluxe Bass1964 Epiphone Embassy Deluxe Bass

Built in Kalazoo factory-plays & sound like Thunderbird

This is a fine specimen of a vintage Epiphone Embassy Deluxe bass. I’ve owned it since the mid-90’s and bought from the original owner. Everything is original except the strap buttons. The only thing missing are the cover plates. The case is original and in great shape, as is the bass. The only issues with the bass are slight finish checking and a corner of the pickguard is cracked. One final disclaimer is that the knobs don’t look like other examples I’ve seen of this bass. The former owner stated that they were original, and they are Thunderbird knobs, so that may well be. BTW, the serial number, 183152, confirms that it is a ’64. These basses sound and play like Gibson Thunderbirds. They have the same big metal humbuckers that T-Birds had, the same bridge and tuners, and the neck shape and scale feels identical to a mid-60’s T-Bird. And the sound!!! The pickups alone go for several hundred dollars each (I just found 1 on Reverb for $400). This is a beast of a bass and it’s been very well cared for. It is quite a bit lighter than a T-Bird. Why am I selling it? Well, since I started playing a Dingwall Afterburner II, I just don’t want to pick anything else up, except for specific instruments for specific gigs. I’m looking forward to paying down my credit card!