Fender Squier Vintage Modified Precision BassFender Squier Vintage Modified Precision Bass

Excellent condition Squire Vintage Modified P bass. Beautiful, sunburst finish and attractive wood grain body. Created to resemble a tele bass. Headstock looks like a tele bass too. No body contour where the ribcage meets the back of the bass.One contour where the right arm lays on the front. No chips. Very few tiny scratches. New strings. Frets showing near zero wear. Frets do not hang over the edge of the neck. That’s good! The neck feels excellent. I have owned and played loads of guitars and basses and have grown to appreciate the shape of Squire necks. They really have this issue dialed in and this bass is no exception. Brand new strings are correctly installed. Intonation looks great. String height is 1.75 mm on each string at the 12th fret. I spent time finding the sweet spot with the truss rod and string height. Notes play clean and relatively buzz-free. Crafted in Indonesia. TEB 101B Humbucking Pickup. Nice warm thump but plenty of clarity. Upgraded after-market saddles. I will carefully cushion, double box and ship with a tracking number. Bass will be fully insured and a signature will be required for security. Have a look and listen to this bass. https://youtu.be/h70XiPcNRzA Let me know if you have any questions.