Petrounov JC 5-String Electric BassPetrounov JC 5-String Electric Bass

This is an Absolutely Stunning Petrounov JC-5 Bass The basses manufactured by Petrounov Musical Instruments, and designed by world renowned Bulgarian musician Alexander Petrounov are in a class with the likes of Alembic, Ritter, Fodera, Spector, and Dingwall, et al. Alex emigrated to the USA many years ago and all of his products were proudly manufactured here. These designs are the culmination of thirty-five years of experience playing rock, jazz, pop, R&B, classical, and folk music. Petrounov Musical Instruments achieve an elegance of design while delivering a beautifully balanced tone, allowing for perfect functionality in all genres of music. His instruments were manufactured in all types of exotic and rare tonewoods, in wide varieties of colors and natural finishes, and this particular instrument is one of Petrounov’s most unusual body designs combining exquisite Burled Maple for the top and neck. The back is, I believe, a beautifully aggressive book-matched Zebra Wood – the photos cannot do it justice. Most Petrounov basses have a specially designed active electronic preamp system with three band cut/boost EQ with Lo-Mid-Hi controls, one Master Volume and a Pickup selector switch for the bridge and neck pickups. The JC basses, however, have a single DJCM quad-coil, active, soapbar pickup located midway between neck and bridge, and separated from the bridge by the “J-bow” or the “J-space” created by the unique body shape. The JC models have a unique “harp” flair that accentuate their pure tones. The JC 3-position pickup switch allows operating the single pickup in parallel, single-coil, or series modes. All three positions give very different and pleasingly powerful voices. But it’s the piezos that allow this bass to create such a broad tonescape. You can blend each magnetic pickup tone in any ratio with the piezo outputs for an incredible range of tone suitable for almost any playing style. The piezo is divided and the outputs from each can be individually trimmed for perfect balance. And you get to define just what perfect sounds like! You will never regret purchasing this incredible instrument. Petrounov 5-String JC Bass Specifications Type: Five-String, Electric Bass with JC shaped body. (Low-B) Body & Neck: Burled maple top and neck, Zebra wood back. Fingerboard: Ebony Inlays: Mother of Pearl Knob & Switch Configuration: (Forward to Back) See Figure 15 below Pickup Configuration: Number of sounds: 3-position pickup switch allows operating the pickup in parallel, single-coil, or series modes. Being able to mix the three pickup voices in any ratio with the piezo output gives a host of tonalities. Pre Amp: Petrounov custom 3-band cut/boost preamp. Operates on 18v for great headroom. Piezo: The piezo is divided and the outputs from each can be individually trimmed for perfect balance. Scale Length: 35″ / 889 mm Weight: 10.2 lb / 4.62 kg Bass in Case Body Front Body Back Side View of Upper Bout Side view is relatively uniform around entire periphery of body Neck Back Neck Detail, Bottom Section Close-Up Neck Detail, Middle Section Close-Up Neck Detail, Upper Section Close-Up Headstock Front, Close-Up Headstock Back, Close-Up Serial Number 0120603 Made in U.S.A. Truss-Rod Access Bridge Detail Preamp Schematic (Hand annotated by Alex Petrounov) Controls(Hand drawn by Alex Petrounov) Electronics Cavity Detail The active preamp and piezo board with individual string volume trimmers is wrapped in conductive foam. The cavity and underside of the cover (not shown) are finished with black conductive paint and serves as both ground-plane and EMI shielding. The preamps operate at 18V and provide loads of headroom. Case Top Case Rear, Hinge Side Case Front, Left Close-Up Case Front, Center Close-Up Case Front, Right Close-Up Case DrawerIncludes factory tools, key, humidifier, and hygrometer / thermometer. TESTIMONIALS Alfonso Carey, bassist – Sammy Davis Jr.; Alice Cooper; The Village People; The Richie Family; Luther Vandross; The Duncan Sisters; Patti Labelle and many others. “I have been playing bass for over 30 years and have been around the world four times. I recorded over 90 albums of which 40 were hit albums. I always played a Fender Precision and owned an Alembic, a Stewart Specter, a Carl Thompson, a Music Man, a Tobias and a Steinberger. Now the Petrounov JC is my choice for bass. This is an incredible instrument. The harp-like shape of the body gives it a special transparent tone, like an upright bass, and the variation of sound that you can get from the three-way switch is phenomenal. Trust me, bass is what I do and from the bottom of my heart I believe the PJC Bass is the best I’ve played in all of my professional years. My advice to you – try it and you’ll like it!” Derek Philip Jones, bassist – Jerry Douglas; Crystal Gayle; Johnny Neal; Jeff Sipe; The Mike Marshal/Darol Anger Band; The Pete Escovedo Orchestra; Sheila E.; Dori Cymmi; Marcos Silva; Paul McCandless; Will Kennedy; David Grissman; Paul Hanson; Nickel Creek; Craig Chaquico; Ray Obiedo; Chester Thompson; Jack Perla; Zakir Hussain; David Garibaldi; Steve Smith; Kai Eckhardt; Jeff Coffin; Ramblin’ Jack Elliot; Orestes Vilato; Tony Furtado; Rob Ickles and many others. “The Petrounov JC 5-string bass is a joy to play. The body combines beauty, artistry, craftsmanship and ergonomic sensibility not seen in the bass world before. The 5-string neck is the most comfortable I’ve ever played. The combination of the 4-coil custom magnetic and Piezo pickups delivers fantastic tonal varieties. The preamp is clean and adds in the tonal versatility of this wonderful instrument. It’s hard to stop playing this bass. From the very first notes you play, you will feel the love and passion of the bassist who created it. I highly recommend this bass to anyone looking to improve their playing and their tone.” Bill Rabon, bassist – Santana Tribute. “I bought my Petrounov JC Bass about six months ago. I can’t say enough good things about this wonderful instrument. It is the perfect combination of beauty and playability. The woods of this bass are absolutely gorgeous. You are really able to dial-up almost any sound you are looking for in an instant. I am especially fond of the Piezo pickup on this bass. I can really get a great upright sound out of it. In my opinion, you truly could not own a better instrument.” In case you are curious, the “JC” shape and letters represent Jesus Christ.Alex is a Christian, and so am I, and we’re not ashamed.Imagine playing this on stage with your praise and worship band at Church! This musical instrument is made from wood.NONE of the wood species represented are endangered or restricted for use, harvesting or export.Repeat: There are NO EXPORT RESTRICTIONS imposed on this product from the U.S. under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)