Kubicki 5 String Factor Bass- Black, Great Condition.Kubicki 5 String Factor Bass- Black, Great Condition.

PHILIP KUBICKI 5 string Factor Bass, black, in great condition! Serial #0212 Year: 02/1998 18 volt active preamp, two active, three passive settings. This is a rare bass, and becoming more and more desirable, since Phil’s passing last year. This particular instrument is in great condition, with very minor wear- no dings, dashes, cracks, or signs of abuse. Slight wear near the pickups has dulled the finish in one spot- that’s it! This instrument is in great condition- frets, tuning pegs, neck, body, electronics, finish. In July of 2014, The electronics were checked and “freshened” by Phil Kubicki’s anointed bass technician- the “Guitar Doc” (Mike Haney)- who replaced caps and transistors to assure like-new performance and factory specs. This bass is extremely well balanced, sounds great, and looks cool! It comes in a well fitted Roadrunner case. If you want to collect one of these basses- this is your chance! Here are the specs from the Kubicki website: Hard rock maple; bolt on Fingerboard: Laminated hard rock maple or East indian rosewood; 71/2 inch radius Nut: Phenolic Scale Length: 34 inches Number of Frets: 24; side dash (TM) position markers Truss Rod: Single; adjustable at headstock Tuners: Schaller custom designed Neck Width at Nut: Key F4, 1 17/32 inches Key F5, 1 3/4 inches Neck Width at 24th: Key F4, 2 15/32 inches Key F5, 2 7/8 inches Bridge: Hard-coat anodized super-alloy aluminium with individually adjustable saddle barrels Bridge Spacing: Key F4, .750 inch Key F5, .700 inch Pickups: Two Kubicki humcancelling(TM) Controls: Two stacked pots (Vol./Pan, Treble/Bass boost); rotary selector switch with three passive, two active and standby playing positions Overall Length: Key F4, 43 1/2 inches Key F5, 46 3/4 inches Body Length: Key F4, 18 3/4 inches Key F5, 19 1/2 inches Body Width: Key F4, 12 3/4 inches Key F5, 13 1/2 inches Body Depth: 1 5/8 inches Weight: Key F5, 8 lbs