1969 Ramirez 1A, with Schertler pick-up system.  Perfect live and studio guitar.1969 Ramirez 1A, with Schertler pick-up system.  Perfect live and studio guitar.

This has been my gigging and studio guitar for the past 15 years. I am letting it go because I lost feeling in my third and four fingers and despite having ulnar transposition surgery, I never regained my ability to play this guitar well. It has the sweetest most even sound of any guitar I’ve ever played. In the early 2000’s I had a Schertler pick-up system installed — and it SINGS when playing live. The installation of the system itself cost $1,000. There are volume, treble and bass controls hidden under the sound hole, giving you total control while performing. I thought I would have this guitar for the rest of my life and modified it for my taste. I changed the machine heads to Gotoh (I think that’s the name) which are incredibly sensitive and reliable, allow for absolute precision in tuning. The guitar has been around the world, and is road worn. I have tried to take accurate photos of the flaws. There was a small fracture at the base of the neck that I repaired myself — I never cared about the cosmetics of the guitar, only the sound. I would be happy to try to answer any technical questions about the guitar. Please read my reviews and bid with confidence. Below are a few samples of how this guitar sounds in the studio. Although these are pop songs, the guitar really sings when playing the classical repertoire for which it was expertly and ingeniously designed. 1969 was a very good year for the Ramirez guitar. An Italian VGV hard case is included. https://soundcloud.com/jasonwellingtonblack/blue-jean-blue-by-jason-black https://soundcloud.com/jasonwellingtonblack/mind-over-matter-by-jason https://soundcloud.com/jasonwellingtonblack/autumn-girl-by-jason-black https://soundcloud.com/jasonwellingtonblack/red-eye-home