Classical Guitar- Juan Alvarez made in Madrid 1996-PristineClassical Guitar- Juan Alvarez made in Madrid 1996-Pristine

I purchased this gorgeous hand made guitar that was made especially for me from Juan Alvarez at his shop in Madrid in 1996. The quality is magnificent with a wonderful tone which has only gotten better over the years. I decided to sell this guitar because I started playing the piano much more and I don’t have time to continue practicing both instruments. I have always loved quality instruments ( my piano is a Yamaha grand with an incredible sound). I have owned mostly Martin guitars ( D-28 , 1965 and D-12-20 1969). I also presently own a Taylor dreadnought.If you have been looking for a spanish-classical guitar, this is the one you should not pass up. It is being offered at a fraction of the price of a new guitar which doesn’t have the tone of this instrument. Check the listings for other guitars made by Juan and you will see they are selling for thousands more. The strings should be changed since they a few years old.