George Lowden 2002 nylon Classical Guitar spruce top, Brazilian rosewoodGeorge Lowden 2002 nylon Classical Guitar spruce top, Brazilian rosewood

This is a classical guitar by George Lowden (No. 357, 2002). Spruce top Brazilian rosewood back and sides Rodgers tuners (Celtic design, see picture) 12-hole bridge If you know George Lowden’s work, you already know the craftsmanship he is famous for. This classical guitar is a gem that brings out a powerful sound along with warm basses and gorgeous singing trebles. It excels when played contrapuntally, though strumming it brings out a powerful sound that is reminiscent of the luthier’s masterful work on steel-string acoustics. This was my main instrument through doctoral guitar performance grad school. I used it in local and international competitions–it can fill a hall without an amp while still producing a warm, luscious tone. This guitar will especially shine in the recording studio–I’ve been told that it sounds like an old Hauser from a Segovia recording. To serve my needs in a doctoral guitar program, I had a professional luthier change the frets to more durable, slightly larger frets, along with adjusting the action–this made the guitar into an extremely playable instrument that is a joy to play. A luthier also installed an end-pin for using a strap. Otherwise it has a few minor cosmetic right-hand scratches, a minor scratch on the rosette, and a couple minor blemishes on the top near the upper bout (see pictures). I consulted with a local luthier about these, he explained to me that these were only aesthetic scratches that didn’t compromise the sound. This guitar doesn’t have French polish but rather a thin texture that really brings out the wood’s exquisite beauty, especially in the Brazilian rosewood’s back and sides. I’ll gladly send more pictures on request.I invite you to check out the enclosed live recordings at and and to send me any questions.