New World Classical Guitar - Fingerstyle Cut-Away Model w/ Barbera pick-upNew World Classical Guitar - Fingerstyle Cut-Away Model w/ Barbera pick-up

Hi-Selling a 1.5 year old “New World” classical guitar. This is a really lovely instrument. Phenomenal tone and playability.Cedar top and Indian Rosewood back and sides. This “New World” classical guitar is a $2,000 version of a $10,000 Kenny Hill classical guitar. (It’s his ‘affordable’ line)It’s hard to describe how nice this guitar is. It has a contemporary neck, which is thinner and more comfortable than a traditional classical neck. Extremely rich low end, and wonderful balanced tones across the rest of the guitar.I’m an acoustic steel string player (of 20 years), and wanted to try my hand at classical, so I bought this from a friend of mine who had run into an unexpected $4,000 dental bill and needed to come up with some cash. I’ve really enjoyed it, but ultimately, my heart (and technique) is with the acoustic steel string, and I’m also coming into a tight time, and have decided to move it along.This guitar costs $1,800 new. My friend, the original owner, who bought it new 1.5 years ago installed a “Barbera” pickup system in it (which is top of the line). It sounds really lovely plugged in. The transducers are in the actual saddle of the guitar. It’s a passive system, so you’ll need a pre-amp of your own to run it. The pickup system was $300.Comes with pictured hard-shell case.Drop me a line if you want to check it out. I’ve just put fresh strings on, and it’s sounding great.It has one small nick/indentation in the finish just below the bridge where a string tail got pushed through the thin nitro finish, otherwise it’s in like-new condition.This is unlike any classical you can find locally.It actually sounds good! Really good! And is very comfortable to play. Very rich balanced tone.Specs here:,Judson