Nylon String Guitar W/ Tooled Leather Case and Beaded Strap Classical / Country Nylon String Guitar W/ Tooled Leather Case and Beaded Strap Classical / Country

One Prudencio Saez Mod. 50 Nylon String Guitar made in Valencia Spain ! Very Bold Full Sound. I don’t see a truss rod but the neck is very straight. 7/32″ Clear at 12th fret, 25 3/4″ from nut to bridge, 38 1/4″ total length, deepest outside depth is 4″, big bout 14 5/8″, smaller bout 11″, neck width at nut 2 1/16″. Cedar top, Sapelle back and sides, rosewood finger board. The finish is cloudy in places because it was played outside in the sun. Minor hairline crack in the bridge, one in the top and a small gouge just below the bridge. These do not effect the sound in any way and they were too slight to show up in my pictures. There is some tape residue probably from a song list that was taped to the top.This was given to me by Kim O’Connor who wrote songs for Johnny Paycheck and many others. He was a talented best friend and he would want it to be played. Last picture is of him. One Tooled Leather Guitar Case. I have never seen or heard of one of these. I’ll bet even Willy doesn’t have one! ( ha ) I say Willy because he plays a nylon string guitar ( called Trigger ) Some of the stitching is a little frayed but nowhere does it need sowing. The tooling is on all sides of the outside. There are a few minor glitches in the leather but they are way to small to show up in my camera. The outside height is 5 1/8″, Inside dimensions are 4 1/2″ deep, 3′-3 1/2″ long, big bout 1′-2 1/2″, small bout is 11 1/2″, neck is 3 3/4″ across. There aresome stains in the inside. No key, 4 working latches. Beautiful and in working order. Yes the guitar fits inside. May Be Collectable ! One Beaded Guitar Strap. Very unique, beautiful hand made strap. On the back is says it was made by Kim O’Connor. He was half Native American and half Irish and truly embodied the best of the Cowboy way of life. It is 51 3/4″ Long not counting the leather tassels. It’s leather and 2″ wide. It has guitar peg holes for length adjustment. He was one of my best friends and mentors. He exuded a joy of life that was contagious. Shipping to the contiguous states ( lower 48 ) only.Happy Trails and good luck !