SAKURAI KOHNO 10 string guitar YEPES tune ... FREE SHIPPINGSAKURAI KOHNO 10 string guitar YEPES tune ... FREE SHIPPING

Hi. I’m selling this KOHNO 10 string guitar from South Korea. I updated YOUTUBE 3 video. You must Check before bidding. ( Shortly Playing : ) ( I can not play smoothly because I have some injured my finger ligaments… ) ( All viewing : ) ( Discolored part : ) TOP : SOLID Spruce Back & Side : SOLID Rosewood Fingerboard : EBONY 2 piece Saddle & Nuts : Bone 2 piece ( YEPES tune ) Neck type : Spanish Long Necked Finish : Cashew ( In world, Kohno-Sakurai only use Cashew ) String : La bella Yepes 10 string ( BASS : F#-G#-A#-C , Treble : EADGBE ) Head machine : Gotoh 2 piece Weight ( with Head machine ) : 2000g Scale : 650mm String Height : La bella 1st ( E ) 3mm – 10st ( F# ) 3.6~3.7mm. ( It changed one month ago ) Neck Condition : Straight Maked Year : 1987 year Model : PROFESSIONAL – R ( Rosewood ) I’m playing this guitar 1-2 years. I’m collecting so many intruments that sell & upgrade. This guitar is something speical. 1. Lightweight Head – Many Multi string guitar is very heavy, so this guitar Center of the head is empty for Lightweight. 2. OLD Multi string guitar Style Bridge & Neck – focused to the left – It likes TORRES 11string & Old Multi string guitar style. ( Check TORRES 11string : )- This form is more comfortable with the left hand and the left shoulder. ( But Yepes type 10string is centered. It is advantageous for people with large hands, and the design of the guitar TOP is a little bit different. ) ( So, Some guitar Luthier & Lute Luthier tend to maintain this left form to maintain their design plan. ) 10 string Beginner can use it easily.( It is possible to play 6 string score. Because 7-10 string as harmonic amplification. ) It sounds elegant and colorful. It’s KOHNO Sound.Plus, the harmonic effect is very good.( KOHNO has sometime made various custom models in the past. 8 string guitar, 10 string guitar, Russian 3 string guitar, Alto guitar, etc… ) SAKURAI mainly makes 6 string guitar. ) Neck is straight. not problem.Fingerboard is 2 piece. It is not Crack.( The cracks in the high-tone part are not cracks and fall due to aging ) But.. Part of the TOP panel some discolored. ( The first owner had a Golpe of Flamenco Music, But it was yellow for a very long time and I removed it )If it was Shellac Finish possible remove & Refinish,But… KOHNO-SAKURAI only use Cashew Finish in the World.( It has to be painted for a year and a very complicated method. )Also, only removed Golpe of Flamenco because it might affect the KOHNO sound. Case is Dreadnought Case.( In ASIA, Multistring guitar is not have. So, I keep dreadnought Case with Sponge )IncludeKOHNO Certificate, Recently KOHNO-SAKURAI Catalog and La bella YEPES tuning 10 string 2 pack(NEW).( La bella was the longest without problems. It’s very good. HANNABACH is very expensive. ARANJUEZ is a lot of badness and it breaks well )( 1-6 string can be changed frequently ad can be exchanged for another maker But.. 7-10 string use Harmonic. Can be used for a long time if you wipe well after playing ) I recommend KOHNO-SAKURAI Collecting Guitar User,10 string Beginner & Artist. Shipping is Free. and I send safety packing by paying extra fee in packing center. ( sold other guitars have been specially packaged and delivered without any problems ) – I don’t want returns, so please examine the pictures carefully before bidding. Give me a message if you have any questions & photos. – Shipping is Free. ( EMS-USPS tracking 1-2 weeks ) ( I’m only use EMS & Tracking shipping. Don’t ask for a discount to send by regular shipping. ) ( If you want DHL or FEDEX, But.. you have to pay about two times more. ) – I’ll shipping from South Korea to US, North America, Europe, East Asia, Austrailia. ( EMS is available countries are available. ) – Depart within one days after payment is confirmed. ( Auction end time is 6:00~7:00 AM in Korea dawn time. So If you make a payment in 2 hours, we will start shipping in 12 hours. ) ( Korea Morning : reservation EMS -> Afternoon : Load on Cargo freighter / FAST! ) Thanks!