Helpinstill Roadmaster 88 PianoHelpinstill Roadmaster 88 Piano

Unique 88 key electro-acoustic piano An upright, with real strings, built into an aluminum ATA flight case. The case sits on heavy duty casters. The keyboard and sustain pedal folds away for transport. There’s an electromagnetic bar pickup which runs the length of the keyboard and an XLR output. This offers some quick and interesting possibilities for experiments in an amped piano sound, running piano through fx, etc… Solid lower octaves, unlike the Yamaha CP-80, it’s competitor for portable pianos. Keybed feel is something between a milkier 88 rhodes and an upright acoustic. Fun, inspiring instrument. This has been a studio piece forever, well kept and in tune. Note: the second string of the F2 should be replaced. A job any piano tuner can handle (I can recommend one serving NY/NJ). I never bothered because it sounds good