Kawai MP9000 Professional Stage Piano (Used, Excellent condition)Kawai MP9000 Professional Stage Piano (Used, Excellent condition)

Kawai MP9000 Professional Stage Piano (Used, Excellent condition). Local pickup only. Original owner, purchased for practice at home. Features 88 balanced and fully weighted wooden keys, 16 sounds (5 pianos, 3 electric pianos, 2 organs, clavinet, vibraphone, strings, choir, and 2 basses), and reverb and other built-in effects. Capable of 64-note polyphony and playing two internal sounds at once, either layered, split or velocity switched. Can be used as a master MIDI controller, with 4 zones (2 to control internal sounds and 2 for external sound modules.) See the owner’s manual here: https://www.kawai.co.uk/service/mp9000_en.pdf This piano has never been used on stage or subjected to the stresses of touring. It has remained in my apartment since the original purchase. I play with a light touch (my piano teacher called me out on it multiple times), and the action is the same as when first purchased. Selling due to my current financial situation, and because the piano has been rarely used in the past few years. (Other electronic keyboards that integrate with my DAW have basically replaced it.) There is only one slight, cosmetic flaw on the back panel, where it rubbed against the corner of a wall while being moved from one room to another. The flaw is shown in the last photo, however it looks slightly better now. Turns out it was partially some white paint that was picked up from the wall, and I was able to buff most of it out. But there is still a rub mark. Includes original power cord and dual foot pedal. Sorry for local pickup only, but I don’t have a proper case for it and am hesitant to ship it.