Drum Set Used on Havok’s Candlelight Records Debut Burn 5 Piece RoyceDrum Set Used on Havok’s Candlelight Records Debut Burn 5 Piece Royce

Own a piece of neo-thrash history! His kit was used by Ryan Alexander Bloom to record Havok – Burn (the Candlelight Records debut release) in Lakewood, Colorado in 2008. It was also used live on several early Havok tours in 2007 and 2008. Havok is one of the most successful thrash revival bands of the modern wave, now a Century Media recording artist. This kit is a Royce from the early 90s in a blue sparkle finish. It’s a 5 piece shell pack. 8×12 and 9×13 rack toms, 15×16 floor Tom, 5.5×14 steel snare, 14×20 kick. Remo Coated ambassador heads on the toms, pinstripe ebony on the snare, barely played Evans gmad on the kick. Various resonant heads. The hardware has some rust/corrosion but works. One hoop is dented, the wrap is scratched and bubbles in a few places. The wood is scuffed in the floor tom. Playable, but not pristine. This kit is old and was on the road with a thrash metal band. It shows. It’s more of a collectors item than a gigging kit at this point. Only 2 drummers have played on official full length Label-Released Havok albums, Ryan and Pete Webber. Thus, it’s likely that only 2 kits have ever been recorded on a Havok album, this one and Pete’s Pearl. Due to the extremely limited budget for the initial record (all band members either still lived with their parents or were fresh out of college) the recording was primarily done in David Sanchez’s mother’s basement on whatever gear could be hacked together. No band member had an endorsement deal until the second record and only the vocals were recorded in a real studio… and only because David couldn’t push the buttons and sing at the same time. If you Buy it Now at full price I’ll include an old school Havok T-shirt from roughly 2008 with the kit.