DW Drum Kit. Custom Collectors Series. Birch Shells. Chrome on Wood Finish.DW Drum Kit. Custom Collectors Series. Birch Shells. Chrome on Wood Finish.

This is one Bad Ass DW Custom Collectors Series Drum Kit. Birch Shells for Power. Chrome on Wood Finish. Excellent Condition.10″ x 10″ Rack Tom, 12″ x 12″ Rack Tom, 16″ x 16″ Floor Tom and (2) 20″ x 18″ Deep Kick Drums.This kit has “Yamaha” Bass-Drum Mounted Cymbal Stands and another dual Yamaha Cymbal stand as pictured.Yamaha was my personal preference for cymbal stands when building the kit.The Rack Tom Stand is DW. The kit comes as seen in the pictures without Cymbals. I included one pic of the whole kit set up with cymbals so you could see what it looked like in a different setting.The Drums also come with (5) Black Cloth Tuxedo Bags for each drum. These drums sound great!!! Many pro musicians and pro soundmen have offered many compliments on the sound of these drums. They sound fantastic acoustically and like cannons through a proper P.A. system. Personal Note: I used to play kits with 26″ and 24″ Kick Drums when I was younger.As I aged, I started trying to conserve motion and energy; thus, the smaller custom sizes. What’s cool is that all of these drums are proportioned so well that you can’t tell what size they are on a stage.Very compact and comfortable. Other Drummers love the kit when they sit behind it. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks !!!