green sparkle bop kit drum set 16 inch kick green sparkle bop kit drum set 16 inch kick 

This is weird little bop kit I threw together. It consists of a 12×8 and a 13×9 vintage 1970’s Reuther concert Tom set and a 16×16 mapex marching bass drum. The kick was drilled to match the lugs of the toms. There are extra holes in all 3 drums (from the mounting on the Toms, and from the old lugs on the kick). I have added Tom trim to the Toms and wrapped all three drums in a vinyl green sparkle wrap. The wrap has some bubbles. All three drums are white underneath the vinyl wrap so you could always easily change to that. I did not install legs on the kick drum. I have been using two cowbell mounts on the reso hoop as legs (see first picture) that are not included.The tension rods on the kick are 4.5” and they really should be 5” rods so you might want to change those out. Kick reso head will also not be the head in picture. If you have any other questions please ask!