Mapex- Pro Series Plus Bass Fusion Pop 22 Drum Kit. Tabacco Fade, ZiladjianMapex- Pro Series Plus Bass Fusion Pop 22 Drum Kit. Tabacco Fade, Ziladjian

Pick up only!! Mapex- Pro Series Plus Bass Fusion Pop 22 drum kit for Sale.This configuration is rare and comes with an extended 22″ inch long kickdrum. What is included in the complete package- Mapex- Pro M Series Plus Bass Fusion Pop 22 drum Kit- Tom-Tom sizes, 8×7 10×8 12×9 14×12 16×14 Snare drum sizes, 14×5.5 13×6 Mapel Snaredrum (an additional Snare Drum) Kick Drum- Extended 22×20 Hardware- 2xTom Stand 2xBoom Stand Snare Stand Hi-Hat Stand All hard ware is quality heavy duty Mapex brand. Kick Peadal- Mapex Raptor Series Direct drive Double kick Pedal included. Zildjian Cymbals- 6″ Zil-Bell 18″ Crash 18″ K Custom Dark Crash 20″ Zxt Rock Ride Sabian Cymbals- 14″Xs20 Hi-Hats Wuhan Cymbals- 16″ Hand Made China 19″ Hand made China All Cymbals are in excellent condition and sound great. TheK Custom Dark Crash has one small minor Crack and the 19″ Wuhan has a verysmall superficial crack, even with these small defects both Cymbals sound andlook excellent. I played this Kit in my home, it has never been transportedto bars or gigs where the shells and hard ware could be damaged. The drumshells are without superficial marks or scrapes. This Kit is in near mintcondition and its beautiful Tabaco Fade is stunning. The confirmation is rareand uncommon. The extended Bass drum has a massive Bass sound and the 5 TomTom’s give you a great variety of sound. There are endless configurations forthis Kit with emenses versatility and expression for the player. In total,there are 8 drums to this kit. The kit comes with used Evans Genera G2 CoatedHeads on the bottom of the drums and Evans EC2 coated on the top. Which give the Kit a unique rich full sound. Also includedare new Factory heads. This kit is great for a professional, recording artist,giger, advanced, beginner and hobbyist drummers. This Kit is in all aroundexcellent condition, ready to set up and play. This Kit will meet and farexceed any musians needs for any genre of music from Heavy Metal, Pop, Indie,Rock, Funk, Jazz, or Gospel. Please contact me if you are interested and would like toknow more information about this Drum Kit. I am happy to answer seriousinquires. Thank you.