Pearl Mahogany Classic Limited Edition 9 piece Drum KitPearl Mahogany Classic Limited Edition 9 piece Drum Kit

This is a beautiful 8 piece Pearl Mahogany drum kit in excellent condition. Although it has a full, resonant sound ideal for recording, I’ve decided to part ways with it, as I’ve acquired a few too many kits (I’m running out of storage!) and the smaller ones are much easier to transport for gigs. All rack toms are outfitted with Pearl Integrated Suspension System mounts, and one floor tom with a RIMS (resonance isolation mounting system)Some rims and mounts do have minor tarnishing… I am choosing to only sell locally, so I’m asking a lower price than I would otherwise, and so you’d be able to come see it for yourself before buying. Incidentally, this was previously owned by the drummer Richie Hayward of the band Little Feat, as evidenced by the goofy logo-ed drum head that’s currently on the kick… Any and all questions you may have, please feel free to ask.