PEARL Masters Studio (7) pc Drum Kit with Cymbals, Rack Mount Hardware, & ExtrasPEARL Masters Studio (7) pc Drum Kit with Cymbals, Rack Mount Hardware, & Extras

Everything you ever needed in one complete package!

This amazing drum kit should be the last, and BEST drum kit you’ll ever buy! This complete package for sale is a beautiful burgundy wood grain finish PEARL Masters Studio birch shell (7) pc drum kit with: brass hardware, (10) cymbals, Gibraltar rack mounting system, DW 5000 bass drum pedals (double and single), and other accessories. Details are listed below. More photos can be found at the DropBox link at the bottom of the description below. (Pieces of this kit will NOT be sold separately). PayPal payment method only. Local pick-up only, this huge package of items will NOT be shipped or delivered: DRUMS · PEARL Masters Studio Birch Shell, Burgundy Wood Grain Finish, MasterCast Brass Hoops and Hardware, OptiMount Suspension System for each Tom, and each drum is serialized: o 14” x 5.75” Snare o 8” x 7” Rack Tom o 10” x 8” Rack Tom o 12” x 9” Rack Tom o 14” x 11” Floor Tom o 16” x 14” Floor Tom o 22” x 18” Bass Drum CYMBALS (No cracks or keholing!) · 14” Zildjian Quick Beat Hi-Hats · 6” Zildjian Zil-Bel · 10” Paiste 502 Splash · 12” Wuhan Splash · 12” Victor J. La Page Thin Crash (Rare!) · 14” Sabian Medium Crash · 16” Sabian HHXplosion Crash · 16” AA Meinl Laser Bronze Crash · 16” Paiste 3000 Thin Crash · 20” Paiste 3000 Ride HARDWARE & STANDS · HB Brass Snare Stand · Gilbraltar Tube Rack System · Multiple Gibraltar Grabber Cymbal Arms with Clamps · (5) Pearl Tom Holders with Gear Tilters · (1) TAMA Boom Cymbal Stand · (1) TAMA Iron Cobra Hi-Hat Stand · (1) TAMA Drum Throne BASS DRUM PEDALS · DW5000 Double Bass Pedals · DW5000 Single Bass Pedal OTHER · Pearl Tambourine with Mount · Latin Percussion Cowbell · REMO drum heads (top heads appx 4 months old) · Evans HQ SoundOff Cymbal Dampeners for practicing · Evans SoundOff Drum Dampeners for practicing Pictures at Drop Box Link: