SLINGERLAND vintage 1965,  3 PLY 20SLINGERLAND vintage 1965,  3 PLY 20

ABOUT MY E-BAY STORE FE FI FO DRUM is a life long drummer Pro. owned eBay/cyberspace only store – Selling largely from my personal collection of drums, cymbals and other percussion items amassed over 59 years of playing drums. and in conjunction with some big ticket stores that favor us. This is my 18th year selling on Ebay as FE FI FO DRUM with excellent positive feedback, and great customer comments. Literally over 1500 transactions! You are in good experienced, honest, competent hands. Feel free to ask me questions, and depend on me to assist, even after your purchase, should you have a need for direction as to the use or care of your purchased or other percussion item. Thank you, Michael DESCRIPTION OF DRUMSET AND MODE OF SALE There are some very special time periods in Slingerland drum history. Amongst these are the two year time period, 1965-1966, that Slingerland manufactured mostly snare drums, but some other drums, in Shelbyville, Tennessee. During that time period it is estimated that only 30-50 drum sets were manufactured at that facility. The facility produced mostly snare drums. There is no question but that the drums manufactured at the time in Shelbyville are amongst the most desirable ever made. Back in 1965 the old school method of shaping a drum shell from wood, steam bending was used . This meant that each ply was a fully formed circle of wood, as opposed to the more common and now universal method of manufacturing involving numerous partial pieces overlapping constituting a ply. Second, the cream of the crop formula for the three ply drums made by Slingerland, considered by many to be the finest in the industry at the time consisting of an inner ply of maple, a middle ply of poplar and an outer ply of mahogany was utilized. Third, and unique to Shelbyville manufactured drums only, OAK reinforcement rings were used on those wood shell drums. Shelbyville drums ARE a real rarity . The Shelbyville drum badge, found on the Bass drum IS NO. 11,498 (Slingerland did not put a badge on the rack toms produced at Shelbyville as part of a set, I am told) are described as Brass badges, with MAROON imprint. These badges, which are original to this almost entirely original set (more on this follows), are valuable and collectible in their own right. The floor tom evidences that it was made in Niles, Illinois. It is the brass print on black backround style. The rack tom has a factory stamp on the inner shell (shown in photo array), and has the same oak re-ring as the bass drum . This set is a 1965, ALL USA made kit. Sizes: 20″ (x16″) Bass drum,; 13″x 8″ rack tom, and 16″x 16″ floor tom. The sound of these drums is as good as it gets . The drums have a big, open, warm, tribal, full, round, vintage sound Heads have been modernized, and recently replaced. I just put a new front head on the Bass Drum. It’s an Aquarian “Texture Coated” head. The kick side now sports an Evans Emad Floor tom, batter Evans 360 G-12, resonant Evans EC2 Rack Tom, batter, Remo Fyberskin, brand new head, resonant Remo WeatherKing Emperor The original red sparkle wraps (the crushed glass variety) on all three has held up beautifully, with no lost luster or color fading, nor peeling from the shells. All drums are complete with all original factory hardware, save some of the T rods on the Kick side of the Bass drum, some of which are reproductions. Spurs on bass drum, mount arm, vintage variety , clip on Rack tom, leg mounts and legs on drums, are original, and included. T rods on resonant head side of kick drum are original; T rods on Batter side of Bass Drum include some non- original reproductions. All original stick Saver hoops on toms, and original wood Bass drum hoops. The red sparkle inlay on kick side is present on the top of the hoop. Missing from Resonant side. No extra holes, nor other than a minor scuff or two on the wraps of the drums. Hardware is in very good condition, with little to no rust nor pitting, though could use a good buffing and detailing. All these drums sound terrific. That very vintage tonality, very clean. inside and out. Floor tom has original mounts and legs, included working batter side damper, with control knob on outside of floor tom. Rack tom has original damper, but felt is missing. interior removed. (I likely can locate the inner pad part, which is all that is missing) . Vintage and Slingerland drum enthusiasts, take note that the Shelbyville, Tennessee MADE DRUMS WERE MADE WITH OAK REINFORCEMENT RINGS. THE NILES DRUM HAS MAPLE REINFORCEMENT RINGS. I am aware of the uniqueness of the oak reinforcement rings on the drums. You can bet that was part of a mindset back then, of using the absolute best materials and craftsmanship for each drum and drum set produced at that factory. If you require any specific information, additional photos or the like, please e-mail me and I will be pleased to attempt to honor your request. This is a 10 day auction listing with no reserve, and starting bid price of $600.00 (almost insulingly low) plus shipping charge of $85.00 to the contiguous 48 U.S. , or you can pick the kit up at my place in the Pocono Mountains of Pa. with no shipping charge. I usually ship via Fed Ex Ground or Home, with the item being insured Given the rarity and high value and collectibility of this set, the winner is encouraged to pick the set up at my studio located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania if possible, at no charge. I will however ship as may be requested. Will ship elsewhere with Buyer making arrangments and paying for shippingReturns for cause accepted, so long as within 30 days of Buyers’ receipt. Buyer pays return shipping. The NITTY GRITTY:__________________ Ø DOMESTIC SHIPPING: This item will be Shipped via FED EX. 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