TEXAS DRUMMERS, Check It Out, Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage Drum Kit, PRISTINE!TEXAS DRUMMERS, Check It Out, Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage Drum Kit, PRISTINE!

TEXAS DRUMMERS, ATTENTION! Up for sale is a pristine Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage Kit with kick, snare, two toms, one floor tom, and ALL hardware! Set includes a set of Sabian Pro Sonix cymbals (14” hats, 16” crash, and 20” ride), cymbal bag (but NO cases for the drums themselves), HH stand, Kick pedal, and all hardware (everything double-braced). I bought this set a few years ago at Guitar Center in Austin and moved it to my home near Waco – the set has NEVER been moved since then, only used at home for rehearsals and a lot of fun banging around (I’m a keyboard player by trade…), so there are NO dings, scratches, or other damage to the kit! The heads are in great shape as well… One VERY sharp -looking drum set, folks, with a low (and very reasonable) starting bid! PS – since the buyer will need to drive to my location for local pickup, I will gladly throw in a free BBQ lunch or dinner for the buyer! If the buyer prefers to meet in a public place to complete the sale, there’s a bank right up the street from me, so no problem! (Any questions? Please email me! Keyboard players like myself don’t know all the details of drum kits, but I will find out and answer anything you would like to know – thank you!)