Vintage 1970's Ludwig VistaliteVintage 1970's Ludwig Vistalite

(WE SHIP TO ALL 50 STATES.)This is a 1970’s Ludwig Big Beat “Pattern A” black and clear Vistalite kit and yes it is rare. Being that these drums are forty years old, cosmetically, there is some pitting/rust on the rims and lugs and scuffs on all the drums. Also,(one of the 13″ rack toms is RCI not Ludwig), and one of the 13″ toms has had a professional repair(visible only on interior). I purchased this kit on EBay back in 2010. Interesting to note: this kit originally may have been a special order for an endorser as there are no serial numbers on badges (someone etched some numbers on the B/O badges.) (The RCI tom has a serial number.) Update:did some research and came across some info. and some of the early 1970’s drums had no serial numbers. Bass drum has Remo PowerStroke3 on both sides, snare has Remo controlled sound black dot with Remo Diplomat snare on bottom.Floor tom has Ambassador black dot on top and bottom, as does the 12″ rack tom.The 13″ rack toms have Controlled Sound on top and bottom. Here is what the 6 piece drums consist of: (1) 22″ bass drum (bass drum legs included) (1) 5.5×14 snare drum (matching snare) (1) 12″ rack tom (1) 13″ rack tom (1) 16″floor tom(with three legs included) (1) 13″ rack tom (RCI, not Ludwig) (minor spiderwebbing). There are 6 soft cases for the drums, which is included. (You can see in the last photo how I had the kit set up). This drum kit has a nice punchy attack (perfect for live settings).I have done my best to describe the kit to you. Any further questions contact me thru EBay. BUYER PAYS ALL SHIPPING COSTS,(WE SHIP TO ALL 50 STATES), or Local pickup in Post Falls, Idaho is available, and delivery within 40 miles of Post Falls, Idaho.Sorry NO International Shipping.Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!