Vintage RB Gretsch Drum KitVintage RB Gretsch Drum Kit

This is the real thing – round badge Gretsch drums! A lot of history here. I got the original 3-piece set from my drum instructor back in NY, circa 1964. He said it was used by a drummer in one of Count Basie’s bands, and his name was”Sonny” something (perhaps Sonny Payne?). But I never verified the origin. So, the original set was already 10 -20 years old when I got it. From the research I’ve done, Gretsch did not put serial numbers on the inside shells during the 50’s – consistent with what I have and the possible Count Basie connection. Some of you may know more about the dating than I do. The drums all have the round badge, with”carpet tack” centers. Insides are coated with the Gretsch silver sealant over the awesome 6-ply maple shells. Supposedly, the sealant was started around 1955. The finish is what turned out to be the most desirable one for Gretsch – their White Marine Pearl. A classic finish that goes with any genre of music. All toms have upper and lower mufflers – something I was so grateful for as I started gigging. Around 1966, I decided to go with a double BD kit and purchased the additional BD and floating tom. Those have the tags with model and serial number. With the new setup, I had the tom mounts on the BDs removed and moved the centered-mounted spurs on the old BD to a forward position to match the newer design. Much more flexibility of setup with the toms on a separate stand. This kit sounds amazing in the classic Gretsch way. I get so many comments on the sound. The kit has toured the country and been recorded many times in various bands – always a great sound, and they are built to last forever. All the tensioners still spin freely and smoothly. I did replace the original Gretsch snare with a DW Maple SD. I wanted a crisper, higher-pitched sound and the DW gives that, so the kit comes with the DW snare. I did have one of the vintage drum sites give a value estimate, and he said the kit (drums alone) is worth $6500 – $7500. So the minimum price listed is terrific since I am including all the hardware and cymbals(see specifics below). I also added a set of 4 low-register Tama Octobons. Rare drums with an awesome sound. I am at that point where I need to downsize my lifestyle, and since I don’t gig anymore, I want these to go to someone who really appreciates what they are. They’ve been with me and cared for for 50 years! Condition details:(See pics) – The older 3 drums have developed that nice slightly yellow tinge – probably from all the smokey bars and clubs they’ve been in! Barely noticeable, but I would never want to remove that character. – The floor tom has the only noticeable damage to the wrap. It was torn on some gig, but no effect on the drum at all. Can be re-wrapped if someone cared to. – There are some hole patches where the tom holders on both BDs and spurs on the one BD were moved. They were filled and glazed, and are barely visible from the exterior. Specifics of what’s included: – (2) kick drums – 22″ x 14″ – Flr tom – 16″ x 16″ – Float tom – 13″ x9″ (Model 4416 s/n:69493) – Float tom – 12″ x 8″ – DW Snare – “Collectors Series. Ten + Six Maple”. 14″ x 5″ – Tama Octobons 4-drum low register – 6″diameters. 24″ – 21″ – 19″ – 17″ ALL ZILDJIAN CYMBALS ARE AUTHENTIC, TURKISH STAMPED: – Zildjian (2) Hi-Hat cymbals – 14″ – Zildjian 12″ crash – Zildjian S 20″ ride (new) – Zildjian 22″ sizzle cymbal. The best cymbal I have ever heard PERIOD! – Paiste 10″ splash – All hardware EXCEPT BD pedals, throne, and HH Stand. *PLUS – Extra hardware stands and booms, full set of HQ drum and cymbal mutes for quiet practice, Zildjian cymbal bag. You will love this kit as I have. Pick-up herein AZ, or we can arrange shipping at your cost. The UPS estimate for shipping all pieces within USA is $500. – $600.