Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute (Shells Only) 13″, 16″, 22″ – Piano Black. Excellent condition! Kit information: Sizes: (13″ tom, 16″ floor tom, 22″ kick)Color: Piano BlackFrom MusicRadar Review: “Made with Hokkaido birch from Northern Japan, the shells are 7-ply, 7mm thick for bass drums only and 6-ply, 6mm for all other drums. While the birch shells of 9000 Recording Custom Series drums sport one-piece full-length lugs, the two lug options for the Birch Custom Absolute are rooted in minimalism.The Absolute Lug, featured on the Absolute kits, is a classic example of a low mass lug that fixes to the shell with a single bolt. Birch gives an excellent response across mid and lower tones while at the same time possessing an aggressive edge. And that more or less sums up the kit’s performance. The bass drum’s massive note was low enough to be filed under ‘subterranean’, yet it had a sharp presence that placed it in the heart of the mix. The toms also delivered fabulous tones, with the elements of attack, warmth, resonance and sustain present in balanced ratios. There is an inherent smoothness to these drums, a level of finesse that you rarely find in any instrument. In short, a class act.”Bearing Edges 45 degrees with a slight outside counter cut, beautifully executed Plies Bass: 7-ply, 7mm thick; tom and floor tom: 6-ply, 6mm thick Toms are currently equipped with Vintage Coated Emperors on top and Coated Ambassadors on bottom.Kick drum has an Aquarian Super Kick II for the batter head and an Aquarian Regulator resonant head.Drums comes with tom mount and 3 floor tom legs