(2) Vintage Sabian Crash Cymbals (16(2) Vintage Sabian Crash Cymbals (16

I am offering (2) vintage SABIAN CRASH CYMBALS both which carry a bit of a mystery. The cymbals are from the late 1980′s and are marked with the “SABIAN CANADA” stamping. Both cymbals are in nice condition and contain no keyholing or cracks whatsoever. The edges are 99.9% smooth with one one tiny little ding which you can barely feel when rubbing your finger around the perimeter. Both cymbals shine nicely, and show only normal wear w/ an occasional minor surface blemish. Labels are mostly absent; therefore, I have to surmise the exact make of these cymbals.The 16″ cymbal feels to be a medium thin and the 17″ feels more of a medium to a ‘rock’ crash weight. The 16″ cymbals weighs 2lbs. and 14 oz. …the 17″ weighs in at 3lbs. and 12 oz. Together the thinner 16″ really sets up the bombastic nature of the 17″. The cymbals appear to be a brilliant AA style; however, as I look at the reflections of the cymbals, there appears to be what resembles a hammered pattern (much like that of the 2002 series)…therefore, I cant state for sure whether these are Brilliant AA’s or Hand Hammered. They sound brighter than one would expect from a HH series …they resemble that more of a brilliant classic Zildjian A series.I can assure you that these cymbals sound beautiful and will not disappoint in anyway. I wish I could be more definite in my depiction, but there are a few unknowns which remain present. Nevertheless, a wonderful piece of gear!