Lot Of 10 Vintage Cymbals And One Custom Sabian, Includes Vintage Zildjians,ufipLot Of 10 Vintage Cymbals And One Custom Sabian, Includes Vintage Zildjians,ufip

Up for grabs is this mixed lot of mostly vintage cymbals. The first picture shows all of the cymbals offered. Then going in order by picture:2. 3 1960’s (or 50’s) 12″ Hi hats. They’re in great shape, holes have been enlarged to fit modern stands.3. a pair of 12″ vintage Italian hi hats, possibly UFIP. These are very thin and soft cymbals. There are several very minor edge cracks.4. Vintage 18″ UFIP. No issues to report here, just vintage Italian goodness.5. Vintage 18″ Zildjian, I believe 60’s there had been a couple of cracks and keyholing around the center hole. That has been fixed by enlarging and smoothing the center hole. There is a micro crack somewhere on the cymbal, I cannot find it but I can hear it upon critical listening outside of being played within music.6. Vintage 18″ Zildjian, I believe 50’s. there are 6 rivet holes, one of them too large for a rivet, and the center has a keyhole. No cracks, this one sounds sweet.7. Vintage 18″ Zildjian, 40’s trans stamp. Great hammering on this one. lot’s of rivet holes, down to one installed rivet. Great definition and lots of stuff going on with this one. Nice weight for riding.8. This is a 19″ Sabian from their custom shop. It was designed along the lines of the fierce ride but is heavily hammerred and is micro lathed. Also has 24 rivet holes along different parts of the cymbal. This beast is really dry, dark, and funky. It has tons of trash and is really low pitched for it’s size. It feels good to play and is a really interesting cymbal. Please contact me with any questions. unfortunately, I do not have a scale to weigh these for accurate weights. Good luck! Shipping charges listed are Ebay’s estimate. I will charge actual shipping price once I have that. Local pickup is also available in NYC. These are as-is vintage items. No returns.