Sabian Xs 20 Medium Thin Crash Cymbal 16Sabian Xs 20 Medium Thin Crash Cymbal 16

This Sabian XS20 16 inch Medium Thin Crash is in “like New” condition with no key holing. It has only been used, occasionally, for approximately six months as my 14 year old son did not take to the drums as we had hoped. Please note, this cymbal sells at a maximum discounted price of $129.00 + additional sales tax brand new. It is NEXT TO NEW, in EXCELLENT CONDITION, and has MANY miles to go! It has never been gigged and is from a smoke free home. Seriously, other than stealing, you can’t get better than this! Please be open to review other past cymbal purchasers of the exact cymbal in their past: 12/21/13By Mike L.; IdahoProsFocused CrashPriceResponsive FeelConsNoneBest UsesAccompanimentJazz ClubsSchool BandsSmall VenuesComments about Sabian XS20 Medium Thin Crash Cymbal, Brilliant:To get to the point I just plain like the cymbal. I have many others but this one works very well for me. The best and most durable cymbal for the money! Sound and price is the selling factor for this 16″ crash. Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend 11/19/2012 5.0A Great All-Around CrashBy Blade D.; Terre Haute, INPros16~~~apos~~~~~~apos~~~Bright SoundCrashExplosive AttackFocused CrashFull Crashgreat soundResponsive FeelSabianXs 20 Cons None! Best UsesAccompanimentAnythingJazz ClubsRockSchool BandsSmall VenuesSoundtracksSymphoniesComments about Sabian XS20 Medium Thin Crash Cymbal, Brilliant:This is a great crash to own. From light jazz to heavy-metal, this is a super-responsive B20 Crash at a great price!!! I’ve owned the 16” crash for awhile, and it sounds just as good as the day I bought it!!! Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friendWas this review helpful? Yes 5/1/2012 5.0Pretty Good! Me Gusta!By Adam; DenverComments about Sabian XS20 Medium Thin Crash Cymbal, Brilliant:This is my favorite cymbal I have. It’s got a great sound, looks good and just is awsome. As for durability I’m not 100% sure. It seems durable, but I guess I’ll have too see. It’s held up fine so far and I’m a semi hard hitter. I really like this crash. I got the 18 and at first it had this annoying ring but it died away as I used it. It’s pretty dark too and is all around a great cymbal. . Was this review helpful? Yes 4/19/2012 (1 of 1 customers found this review helpful) 5.0By Carrie CorbinComments about Sabian XS20 Medium Thin Crash Cymbal, Brilliant:very glad I got this cymbal looks good sounds great. I’m a hard hitter and it is holding up well. I have had it for 6 months great value. sounds great. good price Was this review helpful? Yes 2/5/2012 5.0Sabian xs20By Justus P.; FLComments about Sabian XS20 Medium Thin Crash Cymbal, Brilliant:Best cymbal i have purchased. I would definitley recommend this to anyone looking for a cheaply priced nice sounding cymbal. Best in its class. Very nice looking. It has a very “bright” but nice sound to it. I have only have had it for a short while but it has held up well. Very satisfied with the price. I couldn’t find any other cymbal that sound, and looked so nice. Was this review helpful? Yes 12/24/2011 5.0Amazing Crash!By Jason D.; MichiganComments about Sabian XS20 Medium Thin Crash Cymbal, Brilliant:GET IT! NOW! Amazing sound! I use it aas my main crash! its so amazing. Great crash for the price! BUY IT NOW!Was this review helpful? Yes 10/30/2011 5.0Great BuyBy Mark W.; central LouisianaComments about Sabian XS20 Medium Thin Crash Cymbal, Brilliant:This is a very good crash. I have both the 16″ and 18″. I also have a Sabian AA 16″ Medium-Thin Crash. I recently compared the AA and the XS20 side by side, and they sounded almost the same. I usally use only two crashes. So I use my AA 16″Crash with the XS20 18″ Medium-Thin Crash, and they sound very good together. I use the XS20 16″ Medium-Thin Crash with my trusty Sabian AA El Sabor 18″; they sound good together too. These crashes are a great value.Was this review helpful? Yes 9/3/2011 5.0Great sound for the price (16″ crash)By WolfAmI; Seattle, United StatesComments about Sabian XS20 Medium Thin Crash Cymbal, Brilliant:I would easily reccomend this cymbal to any player on somewhat of a budget, or anyone just not willing to spend a lot on a high end cymbal. The Xs20 may not be the best out there, but it is plenty good enough for any player. I would say the Xs20 is a Mercedes and a Zildjian Ks is a Ferrari. Not the greatest, but by no means a poor mans product. I have recorded with this cymbal, so believe me when I say it sounds very good in the studio, and I’m sure it is just as good live. This cymbal sounds very good, especially considering its price mark. The brilliant finish is definitely better than the normal finish. DOn’t listen to people who call these “low end” cymbals. They are made out of the same material as higher end cymbals, just without the intensive hand-lathing. Expect a great sounding cymbal with a little less compleity than the most expensive lines. These cymbals are definitely gig-worthy, and most certainly studio-worthy (I have recorded with one of these before, so take my word for it). Very sturdy build. Medium-thin cymbals are very durable, though some believe they aren’t (this is a myth). I have had this cymbal for almost a year and it shows no signs of wear. From what others have said, I wouldn’t expect chipping or keyholing. What you get here is a good cymbal for half the price of the best lines. Sure, it will lack some of the complexity of Zildjian Ks, for example, but since it is made of B20 alloy, you get just as clear of a sound. That’s what I would describe this cymbal as: “clear.” It has a very focused tone, with no trashiness or wash, which is good or bad, depending upon what you like.Was this review helpful? Yes 5/27/2011 5.0Amazing for Beginner – IntermediateBy MirrorImageDrum; from UndisclosedComments about Sabian XS20 Medium Thin Crash Cymbal, Brilliant:I’ve only been playing drums for about four years, but these cymbals have lasted me without cracks or scratches or anything! They are very durable, VERY versatile, and are good if you don’t know exactly what kind of cymbal sound you are looking for. Excellent product!Was this review helpful? Yes -