Vintage Early 80's Sabian Hh 15Vintage Early 80's Sabian Hh 15

As I always recommend, please read my entire description. I try to keep it short but accurate, but sometimes my wife says I get too long winded as I am overly passionate about music. Photos are of the actual cymbal I have for sale. This one weighs a light 870 grams. Sabian HH 15″ Thin Crash cymbal; numerous pictures showing the extensive hand hammering, all Sabian HH logos present front and back, nice and clear with signature under the bell (although slightly worn), cymbal size clearly imprinted on back, logo of the type of cymbal on the upper front. An EXCELLENT example and I would say in almost like new condition, with the exception that it is used, and vintage LOL – Hole is nice and round and there are no cracks or edge chipping on this cymbal. It only has extremely slight oxidation and fingerprints from handling. RARE / VINTAGE (Early 80’s – according to Sabian this logo was used from the beginning of the takeover of the Zildjian factory in Canada and was used up until 1984; I contact them several years ago on this question). Like both of my other HH’s for sale this is also a very musical crash, warm, nice woody stick response – as HH’s should have; some of the more modern ones don’t in my opinion, fantastic bell definition, semi-dark, dry, a very well controlled wash. Great for jazz, blues, funk, fusion, rock.A fantastic all purpose vintage Sabian crash cymbal. From Sabian: HH (“Vintage Dark”) – Short for “Hand-Hammered”. As the name implies, these cymbals are individually hand-hammered by Sabian’s cymbal artisans. Each cymbal has a different style and touch applied to it, and the power and placement of the strokes vary, giving each HH cymbal a different tone. Good Luck and Happy Bidding, please check out my other two HH’s – I have a medium thin 17″ and a medium 17″. Of course I will combine shipping. Please wait for the final invoice before paying, and shoot me an email that you are going to bid on more than one as I am struggling with the combined calculator calculating correctly. Check out my other items!