Fibes Maple Drum Set - 1999 Austin Era - Emerald Green  Rare Fibes Maple Drum Set - 1999 Austin Era - Emerald Green  Rare

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Fibes® 1999 Maple Drum Set !! Iconic EMERALD GREEN High Gloss Finish !! Austin, Tx Era Production | Born on August 30, 1999 Up for grabs is Punchy and Fun Fibes maple drum set in that just Sings!!! If you’re familiar with the sound, quality and characteristics of modern production Fibes drums, these need no introduction. Their tonal range and versatility is often compared to Gretsch, DW and Yamaha Studio and Custom kits. I think They, in their own right and in regards to versatility, represent the best of all references… also, not outdone by any of the aforementioned. They are all custom, made to order, custom shop instruments. They were not cheap to order and you got what you paid for. Although now out of production, they’re still all you could ask for in a drum kit, both compared to vintage and modern productions. The 20″ bass is such a versatile size and sound. Just punchy enough and surprisingly beefy and thick (especially with the head pairing, muffling and tuning)… My favorite sound! I have slowly devolved down to a 18″ jazz size kit (18, 10, 14) which is exclusively what I play now. This was my main player among many other sets and sizes over a long period of time, owning lot’s of drum sets. It’s been long enough living with the “jazz” sizes that I’ve found them to be my fit… that’s why I’m thinning the herd and selling all other drums sets. The studio space is needed. I will still own and play a Fibes kit, in case you’re wondering if it get’s better. In my opinion, it doesn’t. My jazz sized drums are also a Fibes maple kit. PRODUCT DETAILS: Bass: 20″ x 14″ Original, Matching Wood Hoop Rims | Original Fibes® Floating Spurs Head Configuration: Evans EMAD 2 Clear batter / Remo Coated Emperor reso Serial #05118 [ Retail Price: $1,500.00 ] Tom: 12″ x 9″ 6 Ply Maple Shell with High Gloss Finish Comes with OEM Fibes Lug floating suspension RIMS Mount. Head Configuration: Aquarian Studio X batter / Aquarian Classic Clear reso Serial #05321 [ Retail Price: $660.00 ] Tom: 14″ x 14″ 6 Ply Maple Shell with High Gloss Finish Head Configuration: Aquarian Studio X batter / Aquarian Classic Clear reso Serial #05320 [ Retail Price: $825.00 ] Snare: 13″ x 4.5″ – Natural Maple in Vintage Finish 8 Ply Maple Shell with Vintage Hand Rubbed Finish Head Configuration: Original Fibes® Coated batter / Original Fibes® Clear Snare reso Serial #07318 | Manufactured September 3, 2002 [ Retail Price: $605.00 ] [Total Retail, Custom Order Price / Value: $3,590.00] not accounting for the Fibes issued RIMS mount (12″) CONDITION: The drums (shells and hardware) are in great condition for their age. They are the oldest, most played (settled in) and most loved set I own. Each of the drums have a few minor nicks and scuffs on the outside of the shells which I’ve made sure to capture in all of the pictures. If you don’t see a flaw in the photos, it’s not there – no surprises. All bearing edges are in perfect condition, free of wear, chips, cracks, splitting or warping. The hardware (lugs and rims) are in fantastic condition particularly for their age. There is very minimal to no pitting or oxidizing on any surfaces… this is large due in fact to their climate controlled, studio usage over the years. Fibes® Austin era drums are getting more and more elusive by the day and a rarity to find a complete set at all, particularly with a matching snare. They are only going to continue to gain value and have a life-time of great use ahead of them. This isn’t the first set I’ve sold and would advise… if you’re sleeping on picking these babies up, they may not be available next time you check. I would love to replace them one day, but have succumbed to the reality (as I’ve always got an eye out for them), that they just don’t pop up much anymore. Be sure to check my other auctions for more Fibes Drums and other great gear!!! I’m stressed to be selling these amazing instruments, but other priorities have come up… They deserve a good, new home. ___________________________________________________________________ NOTE: If you’re unsure about something you’re seeing in the photos, please ask for clarification. Snare Stands Not Included due to excessive shipping complications. I don’t want the heavy, obtrusive hardware packed together with shells. If you’re capable of “Pick-Up”, I will include one for the snare. The other was just set up to display the rack tom for photos. If you’re interested in the stand, let me know and I can arrange for a separate price to cover the stand and shipping it separately packed. PAYMENT: Payment must be received within 2 days of BIN / auction ending. Paypal only please! SHIPPING: Item(s) will be very well packaged and insured for final sale value. I have sold / shipped 5 drum sets successfully to date, 100% satisfaction. I will generously wrap each drum in new bubble wrap, placing smallest drums inside larger when possible, while well padding / securing the inside’s. The cost of new materials (boxes / padding) on top of the shipping rate will not be cheap AT ALL. I’ve added $150 to cover the shipping, but from experience, the actual cost will exceed that. Local Pick-Up is Available and Preferred if it’s an option. If so, notify me in advance to arrange pickup and I will send an adjusted eBay invoice without the shipping cost and slight cost reduction for the saved (1/2 day’s) time to pack up. Shipping will be fulfilled via FedEX / USPS Smartpost (Ground). Tracking will be supplied. Shipping is set at $150.00 for the lower 48 U.S. States only. Please allow me a few days (2-3) to pack up and ship based on which day and what time of day the listing ends and I may be packing multiple items in one day. Please contact me in advance to purchasing to request alternate shipping locations or countries / options / rates. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I maintain a 100% seller satisfaction rate, and intend to keep it that way. Your satisfaction is my Goal! !!! Thanks for looking and Happy Shopping !!! I reserve the right to end the listing early in the case that the drums are no longer available. Search Key Words: Fibes Drums Set Acrylic Crystalite Vistalite Corder Ludwig DW Yamaha Gretsch Sonor Tama Pearl Taye C&C Slingerland Mapex Canopus Brady Crush Rogers Drum Workshop Custom Shop Maple Jasper Keller Remo Evans Vintage Collectable