Pearl All Maple Drums Vintage (rare) (mlx, Mmx, Masters, Mx)  18 Pearl All Maple Drums Vintage (rare) (mlx, Mmx, Masters, Mx)  18

DETAILED DESCRIPTION: READ AND ASK QUESTIONS!! THANKS FOR LOOKING!!! I am selling my RARE late 1980’s early 1990’s made Pearl All Maple Shells kit. If you don’t know anything about this series, it was replaced by the Masters line. Some variants were the MLX/MX series prior to Masters. These drums were made before drum companies started taking short cuts with shells and hardware. They sound phenomenal. The condition of the drums is good considering its age. Drums show normal wear on wraps, badges, rims, and lugs due to age. The inside of the drums have either clear coat (hi tom) or a black lacquer paint (low and bass drum) said to increase resonance and tone. I did some research and had a couple of collectors tell me that Pearl use to paint clear coat, and lacquer on the inside of their drums in the 80/90s.. Pearldrumforums dot com has additional infor on it should care to do some research. Badges are red and numbered consecutively (I believe the original kit had a snare and a 12″ tom which makes sense as to why the numbers skip 2; see below). Shells were made in Taiwan at that factory. Please ask questions. Read below if you’re interested in the snare drum. Heads: Evans Black Chrome (superb non-coated) batter, and I believe a G1 reso (hi) and a 2 ply EC2 reso on low. I liked having a little more resonance out of my floor tom thus a 2 ply. EMAD Clear on kick. Reso kick head is functional. Details: (w x d) 10×8″ rack tom (S/N 711960), 14×12″ hanging floor tom (S/N 711963), and a virgin 18×14″ (S/N 711964) Bass drum. I am not the original owner of these drums but was told that the original owner was a Pearl employee who had the bass drum custom made as virgin bass drums weren’t really popular yet. These drums sing. Bass drum is very punchy, but also LOW. They actually seem to sound better the older they get. They are very “quiet” drums and make mic’ing/mixing them exceptionally easy. Great for a dynamic drummer. If you’re a thrasher, then you wont see this as a benefit. Anyone familiar with playing in an isolated setting (drum cage, live jazz hall, clubs, small bars) will appreciate having warm yet quiet sounding drums. This is a very unique set. I’ve used it for church drumming, and its perfect for that. Also ideal for a drummer who wants a big drum set sound without lugging around a big drum set. Not your average bebop/jazz kit. Please ask any questions before bidding. This kit is listed locally and I reserve the right to end the auction should I sell it. If you want it, then Buy It Now. I was hoping to hang onto this kit for a while as it will be valuable in the future, but I’ve recently sustained a serious injury at work and bills are tight right now. If you want a part of it, submit an offer and outline specifically what you want. Will consider, make any necessary edits to protect buyer/seller, and then let you know, so that you can review before confirming. Message me for details. Please ask questions! Lower 48 states only! Cymbals and stands not included. Will include the mounts (one mount is in excellent condition and the other is in good. It will lock in 90 degree but you have to start cranking down on it when its in the 95 degree position. Droops just a few degrees.) Kit is sold as is. Let me know if you’re interested in the snare pictured. It’s a special feature Guitar Center, only 100 made, Pearl Extra Maple snare with 32 strand tama wires that sounds fantastic and really brings this set full circle. I do not want to sell it as it’s been my go to snare, but will for the right price. Snare and Kickport are NOT included in the Buy It Now. Please specify if you want kickport. THIS IS NOT A DW, Yamaha, Sonor, Gretsch, set