Pearl Export 9 Pc Double Bass Drumset massive SetPearl Export 9 Pc Double Bass Drumset massive Set

Up for sale is a MASSIVE 9 pc Pearl Export EX drumset. We’ll start from the top….first of all, 18 cymbals! They’re all Sabian AA unless otherwise noted…..provides you with the flexibility to achieve that specific sound you’re looking for….or hang ‘em all up and make some serious noise! From left to right, we have a nice set of Tama Timbales in black, 6″ & 8″. Next are the 4 ride toms……8″, 10″, 12″, 13″ to include the 16″ & 18″ floor toms. 18″ x 22″ Bass Drum w/Aquarian SuperKick II Batter and a custom ported front resonance head…(I think the kick measures closer to 20×22) and a 6.5 x 14 snare with upgraded Evans ST Dry Batter Head and PureSound 20 Strand snare wires w/adjustable throw. All heads are Aquarian Performance II Batters (they’re about due for a re-skin) and Aquarian Classic Clear Resonance Heads on the bottom in pristine condition. The following represents all the brass that comes with this kit:6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ AA Splash14″ AAX Stage Hats14″ Medium Thin Crash16″ AA Bright Crash, AA Medium Crash18″ AA Bright Crash, AA Medium Thin Crash20″ AA Medium Thin Crash20″ B8 Pro Medium Ride22″ AA Rock RideAnd here’s the rest for the specialty cymbals:16″ AA Fast Chinese19″ AA Chinese (large 2.5″ lip, nice n trashy!)20″ Neil Peart Sabian Paragon Chinese18.5″ & 20.5″ Chad Smith Signature Series Explosion Crash (Minty!)Wrapping it all up with the Pearl ICON Series Drum Rack and related hardware501C (Center) & 501CE (Curved End)3 PCL-100 Pipe Leg Clamps3 PCX-100 Bar Clamps3 AX 38-Way Adjustable Clamps4 CH70 Splash Cymbal Mounts 3 CH1000 UniLock Cymbal Boom/1 Geared Cymbal Boom7 Double-legged Stands(3 Booms w/1Counterweighted)(4 Straights w/2 being C900)I’m also including the 2 pr of Ahead sticks (Tommy Lee & Lars Ulrich), Neary Drum Torque, extra sticks and keys and what-not… I’m not playing much anymore and don’t see myself getting into a band anytime soon, so I would love to see it go to a good home where it’s enjoyed and gets played to death… No international shipping, local p/u only please, as this would be a monstrosity to ship! Thank you for looking….feel free to email me with any questions….Good Luck!