Pearl Reference 4 Piece Drum Set -- #197 Rhythm Blue -- 10,12,14,22Pearl Reference 4 Piece Drum Set -- #197 Rhythm Blue -- 10,12,14,22

Pearl Reference Drumset in #197 Rhythm Blue I have owned and played my Reference drums for the last 7 years. I bought this particular set from a friend who is moving and cannot take the drums with him. I would love to have two Reference sets but I already have the same sizes, just in a different color, so there is no point in me hoarding such a magnificent drum set. This is a serious drum set. The toms are all made from a different shell composition which is how drums should have been made a long time ago. The 10” tom provides great attack while rounded out with the 12” maple tom. The 14” floor tom is balanced with mahogany and maple and the 22” bass drum is made up of thunderous mahogany and maple. These drums simply flow well.I have owned Yamaha Recording Custom, DW Collectors, Tama StarClassic and many other sets but the Reference series is by far my favorite and I would put them against any of the above mentioned sets. You can just feel the quality of each drum when you pick it up. The finish is #197 Rhythm Blue. The pictures do not do this set justice. It looks like a wrap but the finish is really a lacquer with blue micro-sparkles. This set must be seen in person. It is used but in excellent condition. The set has Remo heads which are used but have lots of use left in them. The batter bass drum head is a stock Masters head which tells you how much they have been played (not very much at all). This is a used drum set. It is in excellent condition but general wear and tear is to be expected. There are no major chips, dents, or scratches. There may be one or two very minor cosmetic imperfections on the bass drum hoop. The 10” Opti-mount does not have the original wing nut tightener. I replaced it with a non-original piece but it still functions and does its job. It is purely cosmetic but a detail worth mentioning. Taken from Pearl’s website:”What if each drum in your drum set was engineered as an instrument unto itself? What if each tom was designed to respond perfectly within the confines of its respective frequency without compromise over any other areas of your kit? This is the mission behind Reference Series: A complete set of individually engineered, incredible sounding drums. So forget what you think you know about drums and take a look at Reference Series, the most acoustically advanced drums in the world. To fully understand these drums you must accept that the desired tonal characteristics of a rack tom are completely different than that of a bass drum, and to make these drums with the same composition would result in a compromise. This is the mission behind Reference Series and Reference Pure: To create a perfect sounding drum set where every drum is optimally engineered to produce the best sound possible within its respective tonal range and diameter… drum by drum by drum. Forget what you think you know about drums and take a closer look at Pearl’s Reference Recipe and the synergy of its three task-specific components.The same tireless pursuit of perfection that goes into Pearl’s legendary drums is found in Pearl’s hardware. Hardware designed to maximize the sound of your drums. Pearl Hardware has set the standard for strength, durability and innovation. It’s the choice of working professionals who depend on their equipment. Surefooted on stage or in the studio, when the show must go on, count on Pearl hardware.Bass Drum Claw Hook Pearl’s bass drum claws incorporate rubber hoop isolators for scratch prevention on lacquered hoops, provide evenly distributed clamping force for consistent tuning.Floor Tom Leg Brackets Air Suspension Rubber Tips Full height adjustment with our built in memory lock keeps floor tom positioning perfectly set. Pearl’s patented Air Suspension Rubber Tip allows your floor tom to rest on a cushion of air.OptiMount Suspension System The OptiMount Suspension System provides tom mounting with zero shell contact for ultimate resonance.MasterCast Die-Cast Hoop Pearl’s die cast hoops offer state-of-the-art head seating and tuning capabilities thanks to their structural strength and precision manufacturing technique.Bass Drum Spur Pearl’s telescoping spurs feature rubber or spike tips for maximum traction control.Stainless Steel Tension Bolts Pearl’s stainless steel tension rods are machined from a single piece of stainless steel to the most exacting tolerances in the industry. They feature super smooth and precise tensioning with absolutely no play. Each is matched with a precision-machined brass swivel nut for ultra-precise performance.”Best of Masterworks” Shell MaterialLB-200 Bridge FT Leg BracketsLG-200 Floor Tom LegsSP-300 SpursMasterCast Die Cast HoopsAluminum OptiMount Tom HoldersStainless Steel Tension RodsMolded Rubber Gaskets”You get the following:======================================================Sizes:10 x 8 rack tom w/ Opti-mount = 4 ply outer maple, 2 plys inner birch shell12 x 9 rack tom w/ Opti-mount = 6 ply all maple shell14 x 14 floor tom on legs = 2 ply inner mahogany, 4 ply outer maple shell22 x 18 virgin bass drum = 6 ply inner mahogany, 2 ply outer maple shelltwo tom arms======================================================No other stands or hardware are included. No cymbals or clamps either. Paypal only and shipping to lower 48 US only. Alaska and Hawaii contact me for a shipping quote. No international shipping. Contact me if you have any questions, thanks!