Sonor Force 2003 5-piece Stage Drum Set Stain BlueSonor Force 2003 5-piece Stage Drum Set Stain Blue

*Kit needs a mount for floor tom. eg Mount it off of a cymbal stand. Rockin’ features without the rock star price tag.The most popular Force series set comes standard with the exclusive T.A.R. System for maximum resonance, Turbo Bass Drum Shells with huge volume, and pre-muffled bass drumheads. Shells are made from 9 plies of basswood/maple and project balanced sound with a wide dynamic range. Tension lugs with Tune Safe help maintain tuning. 200 Series hardware has double-braced legs. Includes 22″ x 17-1/2″ bass; 10″ x 9″, 12″ x 10″, 14″ x 12″ toms; 5″ x 14″ wood snare; hardware set; double tom holder Pre-muffled Bass Drumheads Perfect, punchy sound: With premuffled Remo UT drumheads you get a great bass drum sound right out of the box. Force Ball Clamp System This mounting system allows flexibility when finding the right individual playing position and secure hold due to its unique clamp mechanism. Bass Spurs Force bass drum spurs can be converted from rubber to metal to give perfect hold on any type of floor. Force Prism Mounting System Prism clamps give maximum reliability and stability with minimum power. This greatly eases setup of any drum set. Force 2003 CLTF Kessel 9-ply waxed basswood/maple shells made with the CLTF method. Force Tension Lugs with Tune Safe Tune Safe is an ingenious system to keep the tuning of the drums. It is integrated within the tension lug and ensures a consistent pitch of each drum. Memory Locks Force 2003 bass spurs, floor toms and toms are equipped with memory locks for quick and easy setups. T.A.R. Tom Mounting System Force 2003 Series toms are equipped standard with the T.A.R. (Total Acoustic Resonance) tom holder system for vibration free resonance quality. Force Die-Cast Mounts The functional design of the Force mounting brackets offers great handling and reliability. This ensures the drums stay in their desired position. Bass Hoops All Force 2003 bass drums are equipped with color-matched tension hoops with wax finish.Features9-ply waxed basswood/maple shells