Tama Swingstar 9pc Drum With Hardware Id# 3078Tama Swingstar 9pc Drum With Hardware Id# 3078

TraceyMusicRocks store Tama Swingstar 9pc Drum shell Pack This is A deep set of drums with a lot of sound and a lot of Drums. Just a few words to describe this set from our costumers at our store. ( A Monster Set, Lots of Drums, Insane Set, Deep Toms. Awesome Sound, Massive set…) the inside of the drums have the tough durable coating (zola coat) that provides an excellent moisture barrier and a consistency of sound year in year out. The out side of the Shells are wrapped with a durable Wrap but this set is from the mid 80′s and has some scratches on them. Chrome Platted Hardware May have some pitting Please look closely at the pictures, as they accurately depict the condition and are part of the description. (2) 16″ x 24″ Bass Drums (10) lugs (1) 10″ x12″ Tom (6) lugs (1) 11″ x 13″ Tom (6) lugs (1) 12″ x14″ Tom (6) lugs (1) 13″ x 15″ Tom (8) lugs (1) 16″ x 16″ Floor Tom (8) lugs (1) 16″ x18″ Floor Tom (8) lugs ALSO WITH HARSWARE (2) Tama Weighted Boom Stands (2) Tama Bass Kick Pedals (1) Tama Hi-Hat Stand (1) Snare Stand (1) Straight Cymbal Stand WOW That’s A lot of Drum :) CYMBALS NOT INCLUDED but are available in our E-bay Store or at our Store. Shipping Is set up For UPS We Use Fed Ex To Ship IT WILL BE IN 4 BOXES WITH A TOTAL WEIGHT OF 150 Lbs. EBAY IS NOT SET UP FOR MULTIPLE BOXES. THIS MEANS THAT THE SHIPPING CALCULATOR WILL NOT ALLOW US TO SHIP FED EX AND WILL NOT GIVE YOU AN ACCURATE PRICE ON SHIPPING PLEASE CONTACK US THROUGH E-Bay Messaging or call us at Tracey Music (940) 767-DRUM (3786) M-S 11am – 5pm CMT SO WE CAN GIVE YOU THE BEST RATES FOR YOUR LOCATION. Or YOU CAN PICK IT UP AT OUR STORE IN WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS.PAYMENTS Payment is expected at time of purchase. If payment is not received E-Bay will request payment in 3-4 days if no payment is received E-Bay Assist will Automatically Open an unpaid Case Against the Buyer. Then we will get our final value fee back and the buyer will get a strike on there account. This is the only way we can get our fees back. Please be sure you want this item before bidding. We usually process and ship orders within 24 hours (purchases made later than 11am Saturday will be processed & shipped Monday morning). For shipping within the USA Only