Vintage 58 Slingerland Radio King Black Diamond Pearl 5.5x14Vintage 58 Slingerland Radio King Black Diamond Pearl 5.5x14

SLINGERLAND RADIO KING BLACK DIAMOND PEARL “KRUPA” 5.5×14″ 3-POINT STRAINER MODEL LATE 50′s ~Up for auction and your bidding pleasure is a Beautiful & RARE 1958 5.5 X 14″, B.D.P., BLACK DIAMOND PEARL, SLINGERLAND SNARE DRUM “SUPER KRUPA” “RADIO KING” 8-LUG “Model”, W/1-ply, SOLID MAPLE SHELL!! “ALL ORIGINAL”, “NO ALTERATIONS” OR “EXTRA-HOLES”!! The badge is the FAMOUS 50′s BRASS and GOLD outlined “OVAL BADGE” design, Sporting : QUALITY DRUMS, Chicago, ILL., U.S.A.! This drum features the infamous “SOLID MAPLE” SHELL w/SOLID MAPLE, Reinforcement-Rings, Beautiful inside MAPLE-Interior!! There are no Stamp or Ink Markings Inside of the shell depicting DATES, but this snare is between a 57′ & 59′ In addition, this drum has 8-lug “STICK SAVER” hoops. The TOP RIM is CHROME over brass! The BOTTOM rim is also CHROME o BRASS and SPECIAL FACTORY “WIDE” STYLE SNARE GATE DESIGN, that was produced to accommodate 20-STRAND WIRES!! ONE OF THE CLEANEST B.D.P. RADIO KING’S YOU WILL FIND!! ~INTERESTING NOTE: Recently, 2 similar ” Krupa” 3 point model Radio King White Marine Pearl Snare drums that had major alterations, extra large holes and finish issues, sold for almost $750 recently on eBay. Please Check ended or completed listings for these auctions. This B.D.P. Radio King has an exceptionally rare finish along with the very desirable 3-point strainer and has NO EXTRA HOLES or ALTERATIONS..!! You will see these 50′s Radio Kings sparingly with the “Clam Shell” Strainer but this Model is ULTRA HARD TO FIND!! LAST Photo is a 40′s Radio King w/B.D.P to demonstrate the 2 era’s & compare the hue of both PEARL FINISHES. **IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS DRUM HAS A VERY NICE, COMPLETELY IN ROUND SOLID MAPLE SHELL! THEREFORE, YOU MAY USE ANY TYPE OF PLASTIC CONTEMPORARY DRUM HEADS!! *SLINGERLAND WAS KNOWN FOR USING UP ALL AVAILABLE PARTS, ESPECIALLY DURING THIS HISTORICAL ‘CIRCA’ “JAZZ/ RAGTIME” PERIOD!!* The Throw-Off is the VERY DESIRABLE “KRUPA” 3-POINT STRAINER DESIGN w/adjustable knob, fine tune tensioned! The Strainer works very smooth! Also, this drum comes equipped with 2-Factory extension bridges to accommodate extended snare wires!! There is a working FACTORY, HAROLD DODD muffler installed! IN addition, ORIGINAL EXTENDED 16″ SLINGERLAND 20-strand snare wires are included with a Buy it Now price or close B/O!! The drum has PEARL snare wires installed currently. The CHROMIUM plating on all “SOUND KING” LUGS & Hardware is still very Vibrant with almost no Scratches & Wear! NOTICE: The B.D.P. BLACK DIAMOND PEARL WRAP IS VIVID & VIBRANT W/ NO FADING! However, there is a place in the front panel of the pearl that was factory glued and then bubbled slightly. The B D Pearl covering is positioned exactly up to the bearing edge with no issues! This was common after the covering had been installed. FURTHERMORE, The SEAM is VERY TIGHT! In addition, this drum looks NICE, CLEAN & SHINY, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY SOUNDS FANTASTIC!! “SLINGERLAND” produced VERY FEW of these Snares & Sets in B.D.P.!! Therefore, you would be hard pressed to find one in this GREAT Condition and UNIQUE FINISH! Recently these drums are in high demand w/ their SOLID MAPLE SHELLS and are selling for as much as $1200.00-1500.00! RECENTLY, THE SAME EXACT SUPER KRUPA MODEL IN W.M.P. SOLD FOR OVER 1,200.00! B.D.PEARL IS MORE RARE IN THIS YEAR!! This snare drum has been in MY personal collection since I purchased it in the early 1960′s. I have owned several of these MODELS and have seen 2-3 versions of the B.D.P. Finishes being very BLACK , GRAYISH BLACK, OR EVEN BLUE-ISH BLACK, etc??!! THE hue of this B.D.P. SNARE is more GRAYISH BLACK! ! Now, Getting to one of the most important factors?! This Snare Drum is very desirable to record with and possesses excellent sound tonality and brightness. Great warm and sensitive response, PIANISSIMO to triple FORTE. Do Not Be Fooled-Misinformed, this clam shell R.K. snare drum can be FINE TUNED & sounds every bit as good or better than any R.K. w/ the 3-point strainer?!! THE Sound & Tonality can be compared to SLINGERLAND’S “ARTIST” & “BROADCASTER” MODELS!! THIS VINTAGE RADIO KING WAS MADE W/GREAT SKILL & CRAFTSMANSHIP! To sample this RADIO KING SNARE sound character, let me direct your attention to THE GREAT “JAZZ DRUMMERS”, “GENE KRUPA” Playing ON his CLASSIC VINTAGE “RADIO KINGS” Pounding out “SING, SING, SING” or “BUDDY RICH”, PLAYING ON HIS CLASSIC RADIO KING KIT, CRANKING UP W/ TOMMY DORSEY…….. TASTE THE POWER! You get the idea!! A great vintage DRUM Sound!!! NO RESERVE!!! * A Great WARM Vintage Snare Sound!!! <THIS SNARE DRUMS BEARING EDGES ARE CRISP, FREE OF DIVOTS **Prototype SOLID MAPLE & MAHOGANY SHELLS that were used on the ARTIST, TONE FLANGE, FANCHER & BROADWAY MODELS and WERE PRODUCED BETWEEN Circa.,1928-1936! HOWEVER, THERE WERE QUITE A FEW RADIO KING EARLY 3-PLY MODELS MADE, AS WELL! ** *SLINGERLAND WAS KNOWN FOR USING UP ALL AVAILABLE PARTS, AND SHELLS. THEREFORE, MANY OF THE EARLY RADIO KING & ARTIST MODELS WERE MADE W/ THE 1-PLY SOLID MAPLE SHELLS. THE SOLID MAPLE SHELL RADIO KING MODELS ARE THE MOST DESIRABLE BY PLAYERS AND COLLECTORS. NOTE: LATER 60′s ARTIST & HOLLYWOOD ACE MODELS HAVE THE 3-PLY SHELL CONSTRUCTION!* * ATTENTION* PLEASE NOTE: THIS SNARE DRUM IS ALMOST 60 YEARS OLD!! IT is in EXCELLENT CONDITION and is NOT BRAND NEW! However, IT HAS BEEN played and Very Well taken care of!!! It has MEDIUM wear along W/ LIGHT Marks/Scratches that are FAINT and OBVIOUS to SEE!! Remember, this drum was played, but “DOES NOT” have “Wear” throughout the hardware. IT STILL HAS BEAUTIFUL FACTORY CHROME PLATING! THE PHOTO’S DEPICT THIS SNARE FAIRLY WELL!! YOU CAN DEFINITELY BID ON THIS AUCTION WITH CONFIDENCE!! Please contact me with ALL QUESTIONS before bidding! Item sold “as is”, all sales are “final”! PLEASE READ!! INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS are WELCOME! You MUST contact me BEFORE BIDDING!! ATTENTION: Please CONFIRM all shipping charges **BEFORE PLACING A BID!!** NEW POLICY: INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS/WINNERS, I MUST CHARGE EXTRA FOR A U.S. POSTAL SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION DUE TO PAYPAL POLICIES, WHICH WILL ONLY COVER MY ITEMS UNDER THEIR SELLER – BUYER PROTECTION RULES!! THIS FEE WILL BE ADDED EXTRA TO ALL SHIPPING CHARGES!! Thank You for your understanding!! Most important: *ALL SHIPPING IS AUTOMATICALLY CALCULATED VIA. EBAY POSTAGE CALCULATOR! SOMETIMES THERE ARE DISCREPANCIES, HIGHER to LOWER POSTAGE RATES? YOU MAY PAY MORE, I MAY PAY MORE?? HOWEVER, PLEASE: DO NOT BID, IF YOU DO NOT AGREE ON THE SHIPPING CHARGES! CONSIDER THESE FACTS: SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY INVOLVES EXTRA ADDED EXPENSES SUCH AS PACKING MATERIALS, TRANSPORTATION, ADDITIONAL POSTAL/TRAVEL TIME & EXPENDITURES, INCLUDING COMPLETION OF CUSTOMS DECLARATION FORMS??!! THIS HAS TO BE UNDERSTOOD BY THE BUYER BEFORE PLACING A BID??!! THEREFORE, I WILL NOT REFUND ANY OVER-PAID SHIPPING CHARGES!!! PLEASE BE ADVISED, ONCE YOUR PACKAGE IS SHIPPED INTERNATIONALLY VIA. U.S.P.S., ABROAD, I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER SHIPPING TIME BETWEEN COUNTRIES & CUSTOMS HOLD. THEREFORE, PLEASE BE UNDERSTANDING OF EXTRA-TIME INVOLVED FOR POSSIBLE DELAYS!! PERIODICALLY THIS DOES HAPPEN, EVEN WITH LOCAL DELIVERIES! YOU MUST BE PATIENT & UNDERSTANDING, THIS IS A FACT OF LIFE WITH INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!! OTHERWISE, DO PLACE A BID & THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING!! YOU are responsible for ALL import related shipping FEES!! I GLADLY ACCEPT PAYPAL! HOWEVER, I must wait 3-4 days for payment to clear my BANK! After payment CLEARS I will ship your item! BUY IT NOW or BEST OFFER!! HAPPY BIDDING!! PLEASE CHECKOUT MY OTHER AUCTIONS FOR MORE VINTAGE DRUMS & PARTS!!! *Please note: I GLADLY ACCEPT AND ENTERTAIN ALL OFFERS, BUT YOU MUST COMMUNICATE YOUR BEST OFFER/ OR CONTACT ME VIA. QUESTIONS!!!!! *PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MAKE AN OFFER!!! I WILL CONSIDER ALL FAIR OFFERS!!!*