1965 Rickenbacker 360-12 Excellent Condition Ship Free In US with Buy It Now1965 Rickenbacker 360-12 Excellent Condition Ship Free In US with Buy It Now

Original case included! Built in the USA in October 1965. Gorgeous. Very well cared for. Very clean and straight instrument for its age. Wear and tear is very minimal. A true survivor. Action is nice and uniformly low up and down the neck (in case you’re actually planning to get your jangle on and not just a collector). Very playable 12-string. I never had to wrestle it and I’m a girl whose ax of choice is a 72 Tele custom with jumbo frets that plays like spaghetti. So yeah, this instrument puts out that iconic sound with minimal effort. if you are reading this, you already know about the way this sound revolutionized popular music. That fireglo eruption influenced the next generation, and that generation influenced the next. So this model had been in production for decades. But, having played 80s and 90s models, I discovered why discerning pro musicians and appreciators of music prefer the first generation. The later models are much more affordable and well made and sound great and many people wouldn’t even notice the difference. Most, but not all. It’s sort of like the difference between pre- and post-CBS Fender strats and teles. Please note that insurance will be added to shipping cost and signature is required for delivery. The estimated shipping cost on eBay does not calculate insurance cost so that will be an additional payment. Because I am selling this instrument in its original case, it is more valuable but it is more expensive to ship. Free shipping in the US with Buy it Now option.