1966 Rickenbacker Mapleglo 360/12 Checkerboard Binding *PROJECT*1966 Rickenbacker Mapleglo 360/12 Checkerboard Binding *PROJECT*

***THIS IS A PROJECT GUITAR AND NEEDS PARTS AND A FULL RESTORATION BEFORE BEING A PLAYABLE INSTRUMENT*** I’ll be as honest and descriptive as possible but please understand, it will take a lot of work to return it to glory but, for the right person, this is a true gem. That being said… This is a true vintage, checkerboard bound, Rickenbacker 360/12 in rough but very restorable condition. It is missing quite a few of the original parts, all of which I have found here on Ebay. I had very much hoped to do this resto myself, I’ve been sitting on it for a number of years, but some life issues have arisen and I lack the investment funds to do it properly so I’ve decided (reluctantly) to pass it on to someone who has the drive and resources to revive this classic guitar to it’s true potential. The Good; rough but undamaged husk (body, neck, fretboard, headstock), classic dual truss-rods function as they should, original checkerboard binding is perfect, old-style shell/resin fret markers, original bridge and baseplate, original tailpiece and mount The Bad; missing truss-rod cover, pickguard, pickups & electronics, knobs, dual output-jack plate (which is where the s/n resides so it’ll never be a true “matching numbers” original) frets are quite flat, neck binding is broken/missing in a couple spots, needs to be fully refinished, no case The Odd; someone before me was converting this guitar to a six-string it seems (as you may choose to do as well) and nut has been replaced. Tuners are not original – they are the correct Kluson type but all are branded “Gibson”, 6 appear to be from the correct era and the other 6 are the newer/nicer “Deluxe” variety. The back of the body bears an old signature/doodle, I can’t attest in any way as to who’s it might be. I have a bag of miscellaneous parts that I got with the guitar that includes some pots, hardware and part of a pickup, some of which I think could be original, not positive but I’ll include nonetheless. I think that covers my knowledge of the guitar but I’ll try to answer any further questions if I can. The missing components can be had from under $200 to over $1000 depending on how close to original you want it to be, plenty of reproduction parts available or original parts are out there too. Last pics are of other ebay auctions for the same guitar. Free shipping to lower 48 states only. Thanks for looking!