1999 Fender Telecaster with many custom extras1999 Fender Telecaster with many custom extras

Thanks for checking out my Fender Telecaster.This is a 1999 Mexican Made Tele that has many modifications done to make it look and sound as good as many custom shop guitars.I’ll start with the specs below.Body: Alder with sunburst factory finish with playing wear , but no abuse in very good condition.Neck: Maple on maple neck and fret board. Fret board does show you can see the wear from nut to end of neck from being a gigging guitar for years,and feels super comfortable to play. It has a Graph Tech nut and string tree.Tuners: Schaller locking tuners in place of original non lock type. Bridge: The bridge is a Texas Customs 6 saddle type. these are as solid as it gets and does increase sustain.You can find these on Ebay. When I bought this one they were $129.00. Now they are a little bit lower in price.I’ve put them on 5 of my guitars and I will stay with them.Pickups: Neck A very early Don Lace pickup Middle Stewart MacDonald Golden Age high output. Bridge Rio Grande Muy grande custom shop pickupElectronics: Switchcraft 5 way switch with CTS pots to get a Strat / Tele sound in ! guitar.About $1100 spent on this guitar, but it’s paid for itself many times over.It comes with a case as well.Many working players use their MIM Fenders on gigs and leave their pretty American guitars at home.This one sounds as good as many of my custom shop guitars Thanks for looking and please check my other auctionsThe reserve is $600.