BC Rich Mockingbird Legacy ST upgraded by Roxy Guitars. BIN gets free shipping!!BC Rich Mockingbird Legacy ST upgraded by Roxy Guitars. BIN gets free shipping!!

Bought a project a guy had abandoned. He claimed it worked, it was not connected correctly. I’ve been at this a long time, but the more advanced stuff that this guitar has, is beyond my ability. I bought it to Roxy Music in Roxborough PA and Lou, at first laughed at what the guy did, then honed this thing. This is what I know about this guitar… the vibrato block was replaced with a larger one to help sustain, the springs are coated to reduce noise, It has a pair of Dean American made humbuckers. The upgrades (pots, switches etc) are, according to Lou, excellent quality. He refit the electronics, and I don’t know what he did to the neck but this is the best set up and dressing I’ve EVER seen in my 48 years of playing guitar (and I’ve had a LOT of guitars over the years). The #5 position of the selector gives what Dweezil called Frank Zappa’s Baby Snakes SG “A ridiculous amount of gain”. There are coil taps, and splits… I asked him to set it up like an older style, American Mockingbird from the 70’s (of which he had one on hand to look at). Tuners and Floyd Rose bridge are stock. Light buff scratches on the body, there is a small pock less than 1mm on the neck that was there when I got it. Doesn’t get in the way. And that’s why I bought this because I was on a tone quest. This is loaded with tone. This isn’t a beginner guitar, it’s set up for a professional. Comes with the hardshell case. I take care of my stuff and describe it to the best of my ability from my 48 years of playing guitar. BIN gets free shipping to anywhere in the continental US. All sales are final as I am an individual selling my own equipment. Please ask all questions before bidding and I will answer promptly. Please let me know whether this item will be shipped to a residence or a business.