Epiphone Genesis Guitar/ Husk?Epiphone Genesis Guitar/ Husk?

Cleaning off my work bench and some equipment trailers. This stuff needs to go. It’s been sitting around the shop and is dusty, ok really dusty. The binding is shrinking and missing in spots, the headstock laminate is lifting. There are bumps, bruises, scrapes, scratches, dink’s, swirl marks and spots were the paint is missing. No bridge or stop bar or tuners and the top nut and the rear cavity cover is missing. The frets and the electronics are shot to. Check out the pictures, enlarge and blow em up. They tell the story even better than I can and are a large part of the description. But, it has What I’m pretty sure are the original pickups the strap pins and truss rod cover and the truss rod works! Now, that all sounds bad But, if you wanted one of these guitars built in your own style, hardware and color this would be the one to build. Still a solid guitar worthy of being a beast. That being said, this is a used item, no guarantee is given or implied, this item will take some work and love to make it function as intended, I will only ship to the lower 48 states and I ship promptly. Good luck