Fender Stratocaster Custom Relic Guitar Parts ProjectFender Stratocaster Custom Relic Guitar Parts Project

Note: electronics, Pick ups and pick guard are not included Neck, body and hardware are included Neck: fender licensed rock hard maple with aftermarket fender decal under finish. Finished in oil feels Straight-smooth- c profile- fast Truss rod works fret in moderate used condition Body: genuine strat MIM refinished in relic metallic green over Olympic white for a great vintage look Bridge: genuine fender Stratocaster vintage big block I picked this guitar at a luthier shop, l played it in a few gigs, loved the sound and feel. It needs to go now… too many guitars around The guitar is listed as not working because will be shipped in a box with neck and body a part no strings and no electronics, pickups or pick guard will be included. So you need to have the skill needed to put it together and install a loaded pick guard and electronics Look a pictures closely and ask for more if you need! Ask before buying! All questions welcome! No return – sold as is for parts – not working Happy bidding