Fender Stratocaster Floyd Rose Massive Upgrades Fender Stratocaster Floyd Rose Massive Upgrades

Hi and thank you for looking. You are bidding on a Mexican Fender black Stratocaster Floyd Rose. I am the second owner of this guitar and I massively upgraded this guitar. From 920d Custom I purchased a beautiful pic card and the John Petrucci pickups that he uses in all his guitars. They are DiMarzio crunch lab and liquifire. I also made sure there were split coils so you can get a David Gilmour sound on any position or Bridge position or thunderous crunch and Searing beautiful leads this guitar does it all. I actually have this setup on two other of my guitars trying to thin down the heard a little bit. Please know there are a few scratches on this as this has been one of my backup guitars and sometimes lead guitar for many gigs. There are a few surface scratches maybe a few on the back no dings really but there is a few paint chips and I want you to be aware of that. The paint chips are by the neck and by where the strap lock goes. Nothing loose nothing affects the tone in any way these things have somehow just became loose and the paint came off at there is no damage to the body whatsoever. Beautiful sounding guitar pretty much does anything please only bid from the lower 48 states. If you have no feedback please email me before bidding on this guitar please one final thing if you want feedback you must leave feedback thank you for looking have a great day.