Fender Telecaster Contemporary 1985 (Japan) with System One trem and caseFender Telecaster Contemporary 1985 (Japan) with System One trem and case

Fender Telecaster Contemporary 1985 (Japan) with System One trem and case Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE I have moved on to signature series Fender Strats and headless guitars, so this sweet vintage Fender is up for sale. It is a Telecaster with a trem, which is a less common but pretty sweet combination. I sold off my Contemporary System One Strat, now the Tele must go. I am also selling all of my spare System One trem units and parts, so check my other listings if you are interested. For a while in the Eighties most of Fender’s production was coming from their Japan location while they found new factory space in the USA. The Eighties Fender Japan guitars are very well built and have a good reputation. The System One trem units were a way to have Floyd Rose-like trems on regular Stratocaster and Telecaster bodies. The System One units were made by Schaller in Germany and are a really sweet trem; quite cleverly designed. I purchased this guitar to restore about a decade ago, and finally got it to completion a short time ago. It is a great guitar for the stage, especially if you want to capture that Black Francis Pixies visual vibe. When I bought it, it was missing some of the hardware pieces (parts of the locking nut and trem), the tops of the control knobs, and the stock bridge pickup was dead. Over time I was able to purchase all of the missing pieces. Recently Whammyparts started producing more System One parts, so I bought a new trem arm cassette (which is lighter than the original Schaller unit) and installed it. The older black aftermarket trem bar that I already had snapped right in (with a bit of force, so don’t be alarmed when it does not easily slide in). I replaced the dead stock bridge pickup with a DiMarzio DP153 Fred pickup. I like the Fred in the bridge position of Strats and Teles because it has more twang and harmonics than the average humbucker so it retains the twangy flavor you expect from a Fender bridge pickup and still has the pluses of a humbucker. The small toggle switch allows you to tap the coils so you get a true single coil sound from the humbuckers. The tone is the stock Fender TBX tone. The trem, and entire guitar, is now complete. Before listing, I dissembled the trem and gave it a cleaning and oiling, so it works like it is factory new; yes the trem rollers spin freely. The guitar has been set up with lower action and great intonation and is ready to play. Since this is a vintage guitar, there a small dings, surface scratches, and wear on the body and headstock edges; nothing unsightly or major. It comes with a hard case. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE I am working hard to skinny down my instrument and parts collection to only the pieces I need for playing/recording, so I will be listing more musical equipment & accessories often. If you are only purchasing one item, please pay within three days of the auction ending. I would like to keep things pleasant and avoid reporting anyone as a non-payer. *** If you plan on bidding on or win more than one auction, consider waiting to pay and sending me a message detailing your bidding plans. Once all of the auctions you are interested in are over, I can combine everything on one invoice for you so you will have a lower shipping cost if I can ship all of the items together. Large items like guitars will each be shipped in separate boxes.*** Bidders with less than 10 transactions will have their bids cancelled. I have repeatedly seen people open an account, bid and win an item, and then disappear and never pay for what they have won, which is not fair to the honest bidders. I will ship guitars to you for $50.00 in addition to the purchase price. It has been costing me between $50 and $65 to ship guitars (including the Ebay/paypay fee), so I charge you the minimum. If it costs me more to ship to you, I just eat the extra cost to keep it simple. This item is sold in AS IS condition. It is a used guitar and will likely have small dents, scratches, and pick marks. I have attempted to document the physical condition in the photographs and show all items that are included, so please check them carefully. If a gig bag or case is not shown in guitar photos or mentioned in the listing, it is not included, but all items will be carefully bubble wrapped, buried in packing peanuts, and packaged carefully. It may take me up to 3 days to get your item packed and submitted to USPS or UPS. All shipping is to Ebay/Paypal USA 48 states registered addresses only. I will happily answer any questions you may have.ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO RETURNS, so please be sure you want each item.