Gibson ES-333 Cherry with Tyson Tone Precious and Grace PAF's Sprague QP10 capsGibson ES-333 Cherry with Tyson Tone Precious and Grace PAF's Sprague QP10 caps

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non-paying bidders please note–if payment/communication is not received within 24 hours it will be presumed the bidder is agreeing to cancel the bid and i will re-list the item as is allowed under ebay rules–bidders with less than 10 positive feedback please contact me before bidding- Whjy these don’t sell for the big bucks like the es-335 is hard to figure out–same tops and tuners and binding and necks–everything is essentially the same with the huge advantage of having access to the pickups from the back–something Gibson should have done more of –changing pups is so much easier– Speaking of which this is an over the top awesome sounding guitar–it plays like a dream and sounds like one two–if you don’t know the Tyson Tone Precious and Grace PAF set please look them up–players rave about them as did the original owner and I will agree with the superlatives– here’s what the original owner had to say– Selling my Gibson ES-333 in excellent condition! Two very important upgrades have been made. First the original ceramic pickups were extremely lacking. They have been upgraded to Tyson Tone Precious and Grace PAF pickups. This set cost an additional $350– I’ve had the opportunity to play a ton of PAF replicas…Sheptone, OX4, Throbak, Rewinds, and even the coveted Doyle Coils. In my personal opinion, Tyson Tone are the best. I have them in all my guitars now and they are absolutely amazing. Second, the caps have been upgraded to Sprague Vitamin Q true PIO caps for an amazing tonal range on your tone pot. Pickups and caps were installed by a longstanding local tech, as well as a complete setup. Neck is straight, action is low, and plays like butter with the 60’s slim style neck.Comes with its original hard shell case which is in great shape inside and out but the locking mechanism had to be pried open when the combination got lost so it doesn’t close–i’m sure it could be fixed but the case does a perfect job of protecting the guitar just like it is. These are one of Gibson’s best kept secrets, and if you don’t want the extra flair of the ES 335 and would rather save some moola…this is the guitar for you! Please ask any questions and i’ll do my best to answer them–my luthier goes over every guitar i sell out of my collection so it is very rare there are any hidden surprises–he is a true luthier who builds his own guitars and who worked for Guild all through the 70s so his final approval is valuable to me and gives me confidence when offering an instrument i have perfect feedback in over 4500 transactions–all my instruments are completely gone over before i offer them–this one has new strings–a clean and polish and fretboard oiling and has been intonated as well as setup for my preferences–the guitar may also be for sale on Reverb as well as locally so this auction may end if sold elsewhere–