Martin EM-18 Electric GuitarMartin EM-18 Electric Guitar

If you have ever had the desire to own and play a Martin EM-18 then read on. I said, “PLAY!” There are examples of this instrument in Japan that are in mint condition with the original case, moving along. Are you still with me? Good. This is my third Martin EM-18 and it’s time to pass it on to someone who is a player. My reason for selling it is that I’m getting old and my left hand can’t handle a 1 5/8” neck anymore. I still get to write songs and play my D-18 so there are no hard feelings. I can’t apologize for the modifications I made to this fine instrument and all the original parts (pickups, machine heads, etc.) will ship in the case pocket. My recording engineer christened this axe as the Swiss Army Knife of studio guitars. It tracks exceptionally well. When I would sit in on blues jams everyone asked me what kind of guitar I had… It’s a Custom Hot Rod Martin EM-18, so here you go:All leather Reunion Blues Gig Bag (discontinued) 799.95, Joe Barden HB TT Pickups 325.95, Bigsby B5 Vibrato 139.99, Sperzel Locking Tuners 79.99, graphite nut and saddles, etc., etc. The coils are split by pulling out on the volume knobs. My guitar tech at the time was “Stretch” up at Elderly Instruments and he used nothing but the best for the guts (pots, caps, etc.). Alright, you asked. The controls on the guitar are at a whole other level. How many tonal palettes are there in total? Hold that thought. As mentioned before, you can split the pickups between single coil and humbucker and each has its own volume control. There is a master tone control that interacts with a three position tone cut toggle. The other toggle switch simply gives you standby. The master volume pot is right where you would expect it to be. I count 24 different settings (tone up/down) that are unique and a few are quite dark. Not quite as much twang as a Tele and about the same sustain as a Les Paul (over ten lbs. of solid maple with a set neck). The instrument is in excellent playing condition for a 40 year old vintage guitar plus or minus a pot that might need to be cleaned and some new strings. If it doesn’t sell, I’ll play it on Saturday mornings and have it for the occasional overdub in the studio. You want an axe with a Martin neck? Go for it! I’ll throw in the Martin strap along with free shipping. This instrument will only sell to someone who has a legitimate PayPal account in the USA. No international shipping. If you have negative feedback please contact me prior to bidding. Good luck.